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what's the word???
  • Tenkai February 2012
    @pjuros how is everything going with the update? Have not heard from you in a while.
  • Tentacle March 2012
    Hey Tenkai, don't disturb Petar with questions of this sort. The more time he spends answering in the forum the less time he has to get the update done :-)

    I'm sure he will give a statement sooner or later, everything in good time.. ;-)

    btw: Can't wait!!!!
  • valjean March 2012
    Even the greatest mind take a break to go to the bathroom sometimes (except for steven hawking...) and what better activity is there than checking the forums!

    Given the fact we were given a february 14th deadline, I don't think it is too much to ask for an updated date. I am sure I speak for tenkai when I say this... I am not trying to rush. I want the game to be complete and fully tested. If it takes another month or two, so be it. I just want to have an idea as to when we can expect it.

    Until then, petar, we all do appreciate the work you have done already! Rock on!
  • Tenkai March 2012
    Exactly what I was going for valjean. Just worried since it has been a month since we have last seen a post from pjuros
  • Rook_McCoy March 2012
    Hes giving newbs like me time to gather and level before the changes. I'm sure that's it <):)
  • thorg March 2012
    Hey Petar, wassup?
  • pjuros March 2012
    Working hard on new update. As it turns out every aspect of game needs change. Finished units upgrade, currently working on new battle system.
  • Tenkai March 2012
    Ooooo nice to know!
    Are you going to go with a complete wipe and start over?
    Or are we keeping what we have
  • pjuros March 2012
    You will keep your level, skill points, coins and maybe items. Items are difficult to transfer cause of many new attributes.
  • CaptainIsh March 2012
    Hmm I better start selling some stuff off then - was going to keep everything i gathered for equipping units but think I'd rather make sure I didn't lose out on any coin. Thanks again for all the hard work you're putting into the game Petar, can't wait for the next update :-D
  • kariskakaris March 2012
    Yeah me 2 I'm going to wait till last second. Hopefully peter will let us know exactly what will transfer and what won't on the forum before we update. At least I hope.
  • Yarix March 2012
    But why sell now? Items will likely keep their lvl and therefore maintain their value. Better to wait & see which items are most suitable for your playing style
  • kariskakaris March 2012
    I was under the impression that if when you update you will just lose all your equipment cause it won't transfer. So if you sell before update you can at least get the cash instead of just losing it. I would be rich if I sold all my good stuff I've been saving for update.
  • Yarix March 2012
    No, Petar said before that he just has difficulties to convert weapons with the new environment, in another msg he said that all equipment would be retained. He's free to change his mine of course but even if that'd be the case it would be extremely easy for him to give the cash equivalent.
  • nyteshaid March 2012
    I've been selling everything under level 10. I figure anything under that should be easy enough to find
  • Yarix March 2012
    Well, so did I. But that's to remove some of the clutter :)
  • kariskakaris March 2012
    Right on Yarix I didn't know that. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I seen those text. I just thought he might have changed his mind based on his comment in this thread.
  • CaptainIsh March 2012
    Oh yeah didn't really word that well, but selling off tons of shit now that I know I won't need instead of waiting to equip units and selling the leftovers. Why? Because I'm too damn lazy :p

    Then again, it's *so* much easier to do nothing and wait...but i have so much crap!