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Whip it!
  • Grinsepilz February 2012
    The game is starving since the news about the huge update... every one is saving his items. But the worst case is the rumours and fear of level 19. Its killing the game, because every one is saving coins, items and, the worst, fights.

    I think the game is great, the update will be better for high level. But keep it challenging!

    Until there will be added new items and every patymember will get its own, which will support their skills, I would say the game gets new dynamics and therefore it will be a complete new game.

    I would like to have a whipe announced ... and just keep fighting to the end, instead of farming the world.
  • Yarix February 2012
    I think, going with previous updates, that Petar has kept balance on the challenging side. Yes, better units and magic have been introduced but always combined with stronger enemy units with equal abilities (blocking, crits and high def/dmg). And I personally keep fighting anyway, it's the best fun to be had on the game B-)
  • Rook_McCoy February 2012
    I agree, after all, when a problem comes along you must whip it. whip it, into shape, shape it up, get straight, go forward, move ahead, it's not too late to whip it. Whip it good! (really sorry, but couldn't help myself) :-S
  • thorg February 2012
    Just hit lv19 a couple weeks ago. I need 1000 exp for lv20.
    I've whipped it, whipped it good.
  • Tenkai February 2012
    Keep on whipping it