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Shield advice please
  • Rook_McCoy February 2012
    Hey all, lil bit of advice needed: shield with 2def&6melee resist vs. 3def&3melee resist. Discuss! Lol
  • Tentacle February 2012
    Hey, don't know the math behind it, but I would go for the 3def. depends also on which lvl you are and how many hits you take from melee. personally I like range resist better...
  • valjean February 2012
    Honestly, keep them both. This week with the update, you can give them to separate characters and see which one works better for yourself.

    Keep in mind... each unit will need its own set of equipment.
  • Rook_McCoy February 2012
    Oh aye, ill be keepin them for the update. Just curious in the mean time which to use. Thanks for the advice tentacle, been using the 3/3 snd it does seem a lil better.
  • Rook_McCoy February 2012
    Lol now I picked up a shield with 2def 2melee resist and 2range resist. I can't find a sword past lvl 3, but tons of shields so that I have to ponder that decision like mad. :-)
  • kariskakaris February 2012
    Lol. It's simple. Each Def. Point Equals 3% to range and and 3% to melee. So with your example 2def/6melee vs. 3def/3melee, the 3Def/3mellee is better hears why. 2def=6% melee & 6% range + the 6% melee = total of 6%range/12%melee and the 3def/3melee = out to 9%range/12%mellee.
  • Rook_McCoy February 2012
    Aah gotcha. Didnt know that conversion rate. Thanks mate. I thought def was something totally different.
  • Tenkai February 2012
    Don't forget defence also adds to blocking %
  • Yarix February 2012
    Also, def helps a tiny bit with blocking too
  • Rook_McCoy February 2012
    Aye, thats what I thought its primary purpose was, but I went back and re-read it. Now I got a better handle on it. (%)