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Dungeon help
  • Thedoctor January 2012
    I have a few questions about the dungeons:

    1) what level do you have to be to survive?

    2) is a dungeon unique for each player, or is it the same for everyone? ie, once a single person cleans it out is it empty for everyone till reset?

    Thanks, in advance!
  • valjean January 2012
    No. Once you go into the dungeon, you are the only person in there. It is exclusive to you. You can either leave through the entrance or clear it out. There are two types of dungeons currently. They are ranked very easy and easy. More are on the way.
  • kariskakaris January 2012
    To expand on valjean you need at least 4th lvl I think. You need at least 4 units in your Party. the battles are set battles. that means the difficulty doesn't change according to your level and group size like it does on regular map.
  • Tenkai January 2012
    @thedoctor do you play on VPC?
  • Thedoctor January 2012
    Thanks guys! I will try out the dungeons for sure now, I'm level 6.

    Tenkai, I play on my android phone
  • Tenkai January 2012
    It was a different game. Guessing you don't play it.
  • thorg January 2012
    You need to be lv5, but at lower levels it's not that easy.
    Good luck, you'll need it.
  • CaptainIsh January 2012
    Has anyone else ever opened a chest in a dungeon and got a pot as a reward? Didn't think they were part of the loot table :/ Just happened to me, right behind the boss too - the cheeky bugger gave me a medium heal pot...
  • valjean January 2012
    It happens. But trust me. I'd rather get that than be lvl20 and open my 50th linen shirt!
  • kariskakaris January 2012
    Lmfao valjean! I fill your pain....unless the linen shirt has + 2 range resistance. Lol jk
  • Tenkai January 2012
    I find the linen shirt to make the best toilet paper.
  • CaptainIsh January 2012
    Cheers guys glad i got a pot then, i'm all stocked up on bog roll ;)
  • Honted February 2012
    Question. I entered a dungeon with 1 turn left. Can I wait in the dungeon till I have full turns to continue on my way?
  • Tenkai February 2012