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lost all hp pots.
  • Dragon January 2012
    I entered a Battle with low HP and I tought I had full or 80%+ so I shut down the program without fighting. And when I log in I didn't go to the "map" to fight. I went to "party" menu. And used all HP pots. When entering map i noticed I was in a fight. Losing the fight hard. And when I respawn 8 medium pots and 10 small pots were gone, (the pots I used)
  • Dragon January 2012
    So I deleted my character on server 1 and started a new 1 :p
  • pjuros January 2012
    You can't use potions while in fight.
  • twitch_lol January 2012
    I tink tho petar what he is trying to say is that there is a bug. It will let use use pot if u leave and come back on party screen but they won't do anything. Kinda a bug. Should let u useit if itwont heal
  • Yarix January 2012
    And, little comfort as it may offer, we've all been there :-S
  • Fireseeker January 2012
    Sounds like you have been exploiting a bug I don't give pity out for that loss
  • Yarix January 2012
    I don't think it's an exploit if it doesn't work :p
    And I don't think it's strange to try other buttons if they are available during combat...
  • Fireseeker January 2012
    It wasnt available during battle he was going into it with low health and tried to cheat by exiting the game and heal up before going to the map. Like I said he doesn't get pity on this loss from me.
  • Yarix January 2012
    I don't think he was looking for your pity. And try it, if you're in battle the party screen is available as normal. You don't have a FC as you used to have. And don't try to turn this into a flamewar, the fact that he posted it here is an indication to me that he might not have the idea he was cheating.
  • Tenkai January 2012
  • Fireseeker January 2012
    If you read his post he stated he closed the program to start up to get to heal his party and then complains when it didn't work and his potions were gone.
  • Dragon January 2012
    Haha i dont giva a djur skott the HP pots and i dont yet to cheat. I logged in the Day after. And i forgot I was in a fight. I use to check my HP when I log in then I tried to heal. And when I was going to move my character on map I got into the fight. Not that I'm crying over the HP pots. But maybe someone else wants to know about it? So him/she doesn't do the same misstake. And maybe u can loose even more expensive stuff? I think u shouldn't be enabled to go to that menu while fighting etc
  • BlackShift January 2012
    Even doing it on purpose wouldn't necessarily be cheating. Especially the first time. From the perspective if the user there could be two bugs:

    1) When in battle, you can *still* go to the party screen by logging out. This shouldn't be possible. (the actual bug)

    2) When in battle the *only* way to go to the party screen is to log out. This should be easier. (not the bug)

    How is the player supposed to know a priori which one is the real bug? We all tried it. Good someone finally reported it.

    For sure we shouldn't lose portions this way, since it is very easy to do by accident. I frequently stop playing in the middle off a battle now the FC issue is fixed.
  • BlackShift January 2012
    Note, I also don't care about the potions. Got too many of them to use them with my casual playing style. I care about making this game as great as it can be!
  • Yarix January 2012
    I'm with you BS O:)
  • Dragon January 2012
    Exactly! :) hope it won't happend again :p
  • z__ April 2012
    You mad bro?

    Lol. Yeah, I just needlessly resurrected this post line? And what? Huh? What?!
  • Yarix April 2012
    Oh god no. Let's not randomly resurrect threads. Too many skeletons 8-X
  • z__ April 2012
  • BrandenF April 2012
    Skeletons and dragon peckers
  • z__ April 2012
    Hell. Sounds better than linen shirts. I'm stocked up on adult diapers already as it is.
  • Tenkai April 2012
    Z wants to hold some big peckers!!