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Server down?
  • Yarix January 2012
    I get a force close at start up. Reinstalled & tried to recover but got timeout at recovery process. Anyone else having the same issues?
  • lewis January 2012
    I am as well. Tried to uninstall, then reinstall, no luck.
  • Yarix January 2012
    Although it sucks, glad it's not just me
  • thorg January 2012
    For the last 2 hours, maybe Petar is making changes.
  • pjuros January 2012
    I just contacted server hosting company and they have some issues with server.

    "Update: Power was lost in the server, this issue has been corrected by the datacenter staff.
    Update: Server is currently starting, We will debug the VPS start soon."
  • Yarix January 2012
    They never expected the load :p
  • thorg January 2012
    Servers back up, but after 4 hours down I gained no moves.
  • lewis January 2012
    I gained none as well, help Petar!?!
  • thorg January 2012
    I went on a tear just before the server went down, I used all my moves and pots, and left a few of my units needing a healing rest. Well, I got neither. Two healing periods were skipped. I don't want anything done about it, I'm just anxious to kick some ass again.
  • BrandenF January 2012
    Shit happens
  • Xen_Due January 2012
    It was Y2K. The bug finally hit!
  • Yarix January 2012
    Or the Mayas were a bit early & destroyed the wrong world
  • Tenkai January 2012
    Mayans o.o
    maya is my friend >:-)
  • Yarix January 2012
    Oh, you don't know that girl sect, all called Maya? They're no friends of mine...
  • Grinsepilz January 2012
  • kariskakaris January 2012
    At least happened on the weekend! I'm going out and getting f ed up. Have a great one guys! See you on the rebound.
  • Rook_McCoy January 2012
    Anyone know when the server is coming back up?
  • pjuros January 2012
    Server downtime was 4 hours. Hosting company says it was disk and power line issue. I will send them serious hate mail, this is too much, 10 hours of downtime in last week.

    NOTICE 1
    A drive has failed on host226. We are not able to safely identify the drive to hot swap it out. We are going to need to power the server down later today to change out the defective drive, at approximately 01:00 UTC:
    Please expect 30 to 45 minutes of downtime while we replace the drive. After the drive is replaced there will be some slower performance for a few hours while the array is rebuilt.
    We've got a bootloader issue after changing the drive out. We should have this resolved soon, expect another 30 minutes downtime.
    Update: We were able to boot a rescue kernel, we are repairing the bootloader and running some system updates. We will be bringing VPSs back up soon.
    Update: bootloader issues have been resolved, VPSs are starting back up now.
  • Tenkai January 2012