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loot tables
  • Xen_Due December 2011
    Help me understand, if you would please. I'm level 8. From what I'm seeing so far, it seems as though all of the "wizard" fights scale to your level along with the loot that drops.
    From what I've seen of the Skeleton dungeon and the Graveyard dungeons, those mobs don't scale to your level. That's question one, is that correct? Question two is do the loot tables scale in the dungeons or are they static like the mobs?
    As level 8 I go though Skeleton dungeon and average level 4 loot. I've only done the Graveyard dungeon once and I got one level 2 item and two level 4 items. Did I just get bad rolls on that trip?
  • nyteshaid December 2011
    For the dungeons, mobs don't scale, however the loot does. Bad rolls my friend, bad rolls indeed. Better luck next time
  • Fireseeker December 2011
    I have had anywhere from lvl 1 to 15 items drop. So items in dungeon scale but tend to be lower level in the long run
  • BlackShift December 2011
    Isn't an average of level 4 items a pretty average roll for a level 8 character? I thought the items were random with a maximum level equal to the level of the character.
  • Xyzzy December 2011
    Yup. 4 is right in the center. Wish I could get a lvl 15 loot. Lol
  • Tenkai December 2011
    Try level 25 and only getting level 1 items!!!!