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Help petar
  • Caesar December 2011
    @pjuros The screen on my phone broke is there anyway to save my player data it might be a while before I get a new phone
    Caesar Svr 1 . It would really suck to start all over
  • Xyzzy December 2011
    As long as you have your recall code your good. Inactive players just teleport to town.
  • Caesar December 2011
    well i need that too
  • Xyzzy December 2011
  • maytshillin December 2011
    But make sure you log on from someone elses phone if your going to be out for 100 days or more otherwise your char WILL BE DELETED it happened to me and it sucks so I would suggest logging on periodically
  • pjuros December 2011
    Your character will be saved for 100 days without login. When you get new phone send me mail and you'll get your recovery key.
  • Dragondreamer January 2012
    For some reason I'm not getting my daily awards! I noticed it about a week ago, but since I haven't played everyday lately, I wanted to make sure it was more than just a slight glitch in the system. Did something change or am I still entitled to a daily reward for having donated? Thanks!
  • pjuros January 2012
    Everything is ok with daily logs. You need to login to pickup your award.
  • Dragondreamer January 2012
    O.K., thanks!
  • I do log in daily, but haven't received any of my rewards for days now. Has something changed?
  • O.K., now as soon as I returned to the game, my rewards started up again, but I know there wasn't enough time for you to read the message and do anything. Do you understand what's happening??
  • Rook_McCoy March 2012
    Maybe make sure you hit the refresh on your inventory screen? Ignore if you already do this.
  • Tenkai March 2012
    Sometimes it does not give you the pop up of your reward, but you are getting them
  • Oh, I hadn't thought to check that...thanks!
  • UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH.... my phone had a reboot.... lost everything.... I reinstalled the game but my character is not there..... I need help to get it back...... my name is ~rovedragon~ on the game..... I was on sever 4..... my e-mail is help.. help... help.....
  • z__ May 2012
    Man. That sucks rove....and here I was 2 spots below you on the xp leaderboard. Now passing you will be an empty victory. :(
  • Next time make sure you get your recovery code. As long as you have that you should always be ok. Peter will be able to help. @rovedragon you need to send him a email and he will respond to it faster.
  • Z...... hope to get back... and stop that... lol... karis... never really asked for help before.... can you tell me where to begin... how do I get in touch with him.... I always get lost in forum...... rovedragon<<<< spaz
  • z__ May 2012
    You better get back rove... not a lot of people seem to move on the board. Not as much fun to pass all these people when they are standing still. I have had my sites on you for a while..... bwhaha. And... no homo.
  • Go to dragon collecter offical website and not just the forums, also i think you can find his email in settings or help or somehere in the title screen, just not exacyly sure where.
  • z__ May 2012
    Sorry dragorove.... passed you by 1 pt on xp leaderboard. Hope you get back soon, I'll have the gray mage in 70 gold.
  • I have to start over.... I can't find the answer...
    . o well....
  • z__ May 2012
  • Z...
    Take a break so I cam catch up...... lol...

  • z__ May 2012
    Lol. Well, lvl 13 is kicking my ass. I'm getting 3 sometimes 4 ranged opponents most battles. I went from 20 or so battles a day easy to 10. Gonna be stuck here a while. :(
  • z__ May 2012
    Already at 36 battles rove? Look at the bright side, you get to cleanse the pallette and have a perfect record on the k\d board. :P
  • Bangins May 2012
  • pjuros May 2012
    You can hit 'About' button in game start screen and get all info about contacting me.
  • rovedragon June 2012
    Z..... true.. true.... just thinking about the time I spent already but I am going to continue with this one but stay out of the dungeons for now.... that's where I took my two losses before.... I miss all my thanks bangins.... pjuros.... ROCKING GAME!!!!!!!!
  • z__ June 2012
    Check my strategy post rove. IMO dungeons aren't worth it until you hit lvl 13. Easier battles on the overland till then.
  • Dragondreamer November 2012
    I'm sorry to be a bother, but I need my recovery codes for dragondreamer and dragonkeeper on server 1. I thought I'd get them on the re-install, but I didn't. You've got my e-mail address, my name is Kimber Williams, thanks for your help! :-)