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Random teleport
  • Grinsepilz December 2011
    Pjuros, plz check the random generator for the map, it appears that many results lands a very low value. Check the map at x, y = 0..50 there are to much other player
  • Yarix December 2011
  • pjuros December 2011
    It's some weird issue with random function. I can't figure out why so many results is in low values.
  • UnTTKn0wn December 2011
    I bet my right hand that this weird random issue is the same that do weird blocking results (i guess its the same dice with many low values). I dont like this random plugin ;p
  • BlackShift December 2011
    Then it a should also affect critical rate? I believe petar said it depends on device. I don't think I'm teleported to the top left more often then expected with my lg optimus 3d.
  • Xyzzy December 2011
    Petar. Can you please help me. I was teleported into a tree and mountain trap. I cant go anywhere lol. Character name is Xyzzy on server 3. Coordinates x:188 y:1. Thank you.
  • Yarix December 2011
    @Blackshift: unlikely. Teleport is server based, block & crypt are client
  • BrandenF December 2011
    Lol... I just posted your predicament. Guess it shows I didn't look at all to see if you'd reported it lol
  • Xyzzy December 2011
    Ok thanks. I saw you standing by me. Good yo see I have friends willing to stop by and visit. Lol.
  • pjuros December 2011
    @Xyzzy - you are free now.
  • Xyzzy December 2011
    Thank you again. Just in time too. I almost maxed my # of movements. But you took care of me. Thank you.
  • BrandenF December 2011
    To be fair I poked at you with a stick like a caged animal. But your welcome :)
  • Grinsepilz December 2011
    check your hardware, it appears since the server change

    Other possibility, so I don't know which language you use, in most cases using a random generator, you get a float between 0 and 1, multiply that by max int and get the modulor of the map size. So you get more different values if the random value is generated by the time (milliseconds since 1970), this depends on the pl and system
  • BlackShift December 2011
    (rand*maxint)%bordsize is a terrible way to generate random numbers and will cause a preference for lower numbers. those below maxint%bordsize will occur more often. I need a PC to calculate the statistics.

    The proper way to calculate random numbers is to directly calculate rand*bordsize.
  • Grinsepilz January 2012
    okay, I see what you did there... Modulor will allways be less than the operant. So mapsize + 1 can do it.
    Challenge accepted.

    Pjuros, plz check
  • BlackShift January 2012
    I meant something else, but the effect is probably too small too measure.

    Consider maxint=1024 (in reality much bigger). Then the numbers 1 to 24 will occur 6 times for every 5 occurrences of 25 to 200.

    5: 5, 205, 405, 605, 805, 1005
    116: 116, 316, 516, 716, 916

    I'm ignoring this off-by-one issue here. However, with a realistic maxint the effect would probably be too small.

    Nonetheless, rand*mapsize is always simpler. (plus 1 where necessary)