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Alarm crashed the game
  • Troop December 2011
    Alarm starts working in the middle of the battle. I stopped alarm and try to resume game. i've got black screen and crash report after some time.
    After that i couldn't get to the map|battle screen - game constantly crashing.
    The same bug as incoming call, that was fixed earlier.
  • pjuros December 2011
    Thanks, it's on fix list.
  • Xen_Due December 2011
    This happened today while I was in battle.
    I've been stuck on a black screen every time i log into the map. How do I correct
  • Yarix December 2011
    1. Write down your recovery key
    2. Reinstall the game
    3. Use 1) to recover your character
  • Xen_Due December 2011
    That did it. Thank you very much my good sir!

    BTW: Merry Christmas everyone. :(|)
  • Grinsepilz February 2012
    Map crashes every time

    R einstalled and recover didn't help

    Server 2
  • Rook_McCoy February 2012
    I had this happen too, the reinstall/recover fix worked perfect.