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  • twitch_lol December 2011
    Pretty simple and similar to other tomb. skip the path that goes up just kill guy in front and move on. Not worth 20 moves for one chest
  • BrandenF December 2011
  • Yarix December 2011
    In fact, the skeleton is easier AND more profitable, both in xp, health (obviously) and money while costing less stamina. IMHO a harder dungeon should also give more rewards.
    So, anyone who agrees? Should the baron dungeon have better rewards?
  • valjean December 2011
    Skeleton has two chests. Baron has three. Even if you don't get the one down the dead-end hall, there is still an easily accessable chest in the main hall.
  • GiantSquid December 2011
    The minimum and maximum item level of chests (and automatic drop from boss fight?) should be related to the difficulty of the dungeon instead of being 1-party level. That would balance it out
  • Yarix December 2011
    Don't forget xp as well. Most important to me
  • Yarix December 2011
    On the skeleton dungeon it takes about 60 moves to collect all treasure (6 coins, 3 pots, 2 chests and 7 stars) or 25 to collect 2 coins, 2 pots, 2 stars and 1 chest. Also, during 3 battles you will be able to cast 6 heals (4 if you take the short route) which means you can gain over 420 health for a specific unit (plus leeching).

    Can someone do the same for a baron dungeon so we can compare?
  • Yarix December 2011
    Baron dungeon takes 50 to 75 (for all treasures) moves. It has one extra battle but that one doesn't give additional health (you usually need 2 blocks)
  • pjuros December 2011
    All baron dungeon monsters give +10 extra exp
  • Yarix December 2011
    Ah, that's good to know