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help for teh noobles plox
  • maytshillin December 2011
    So I been playing this game again for a little over three weeks after not playing for about 4 months, game was .73 I think, and I still am confused on some stuff.

    First what is in the dungeons? All I ever use them for is a new map position after entering/exiting. I think from other threads I have read, there is a gold to xp converter in the dungeon somewhere? Not too sure tho...

    Have dragons been introduced? Like I said I don't use the dungeons for fear of getting a free death against something that I have no idea about.

    Other than that I get the new magic stuff (new to me at least) and the mana and the rest besides the magic evade skill. I get what it does...self explanatory... But when does it come into play? All mobs I fight have no mages, so what is considered enemy magic range?

    Any help explaining this stuff is appreciated
  • Tenkai December 2011
    Right now the only thing in the dungeon are easy skeletons. Petar will make more with harder enemies.
    There is not a gold to exp converter it is just easier for higher level players to spend money on stam pots and fly thru all the dungeons they see. Great experience for those that cannot kill every monster they see.

    Dragons have not been introduced yet

    Enemies do not have magic yet. Petar is working on it. Magic should be apart of your strategy now. I constantly use magic to win my fights with as little as damage as possible.
  • Yarix December 2011
    And perhaps walking through a dungeon helps too. It sounds like you just enter and leave through the entrance again. If so then try and find out how dungeons let you gain massive xp by using stamina pots. As the latter can be purchased it means they "convert" money into xp. If you're worried, take the skeleton (very easy) dungeon, they're not a threat...
  • maytshillin December 2011
    Is it easy enough for a level 6?
  • maytshillin December 2011
    And thanks for advise it actually helps a lot and @tenkai I have definitely added magic into my battle strategy it took me a week or so to realize how helpful it can be.

    And I still don't quite understand how you gain so much xp in the dungeons, do you use stam pots to get stars (which I don't because I would like to be towards the top of at least one of the leaderboards again so I get xp through battles only) or is it to battle? I deff plan on getting some stams to at least run through a dungeon as yarIx suggested
  • Tenkai December 2011
    Every time i go in there with my low level character i struggle. He is level 8. Dont buy stam pots until you buy all 3 of your units.... elf master at level 7 for 500 coins, warrior at level 9 for 750coins, and a grey mage at level 11 for 1000 coins. Once you buy all these units you can do the 4 range 1 melee strategy most people use and power level extremely fast!!!
  • maytshillin December 2011
    Lmao I can't save up 100 coins without spending them all on pots much less 500..
  • GiantSquid December 2011
    Agree with Tenkai 100%. Without the extra units you will hit the wall hard at some point and it will hurt. Don't buy any stamina pots until you have all three extra units. And don't buy equipment (or heal pots?) ever.
  • BrandenF December 2011
    500 lol. Altogether its like 2250. But well worth it