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High lvl items?
  • Troop December 2011
    I'm now lvl 18 and have only one lvl 15 item. Is it normal?
  • pjuros December 2011
    Yes. There is big upgrade in development at it will bring more items
  • LordDragon December 2011
    New items!! Amazing.
    Petar, and the last slot too?(next to boots in the bottom-right zone of the inventory). You accept suggestions?. The last slot could be a belt, with +max point for movements points (Resistance belt). Or a special ability; for example win +1gold extra for every batle, or doble effect of potion heal, or searcher of dungeon (show the position of the most near dungeon in the charge line(the new line in the map screen of the 0.94 version)). All for do best this great game. Even town searcher
  • Tentacle December 2011
    I'm only LVL 17 and it already feels like I've been using the same equipment for ever... Great news!!
  • Xyzzy December 2011
    Yes, great news indeed!! I feel your pain. Im lvl 19 with one lvl 15 item and bottoming out at a lvl 12 item. ---- Idea for last open spot. Grieves, you know pants. Deffinately feeling a breeze, lol.