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Dragon collector RGP v0.94
  • pjuros November 2011
    Minor upgrade. New settings page with option to customize some game UI elements: show/hide toolbar on map screen, enable/disable confirmation dialog for potion usage, choose to display HP or HP percentage below unit image on party screen.
  • Silenz November 2011
    Nice! I like it.
  • Yarix November 2011
    Brilliant! I admit I had to search for the configuration screen (settings. Who thinks of THAT :p ) but I love the options
  • Troop November 2011
    Thank you! Just what i need. :)
  • Toonster November 2011
    I really appreciate the little bit of extra tweakability:)
  • BlackShift November 2011
    I think that when Petar says 'minor', he actually means 'secretly added code for new features I don't want to tell you about yet'.

    Still nice features. Set the HP to points. Kept the title bar and did not add confirmation for potions.
  • bored November 2011
    map refresh was lost in .94, i swore i saw it in .93..
  • pjuros November 2011
    Go to 'Settings' and turn title bar on map screen, and you'll get refresh button
  • Yarix November 2011
    Yeah, I changed each feature I didn't I understand, I think I've got them all.
  • Troop November 2011
    Less stars and gold in dungeon? Minus 4 items on map.
  • BlackShift December 2011
    Noticed it too. I think they are 'moved'! Now if we would only know where to...
  • Tentacle December 2011
    how about putting some items on the battlefield in dungeons? I mean not like a tree but maybe some gold, or a potion (mana potion?) should be on the mob's side of the field, so if you want it you have to walk across...
  • ThatGuyWill December 2011
    Ooh, I really like the idea of things on the battlefield. It might entice me to Get my butt off the back wall.
  • BrandenF December 2011
    Who tf doesn't hug that back wall?
  • valjean December 2011
    Baron's graveyard! LOVE IT!
  • ThatGuyWill December 2011
    @BrandenF... Noobs and people after treasure. *points to the treasure by the other wall* You know you want it.