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New enemy unit
  • Tenkai November 2011
    Desert Monk
    Hp 600
    Atk 16
    Def 14
    luck 20
    Damage 130-250
    hp leach 0
    melee resist 0
    range resist 0
    magic resist 25
  • Tenkai November 2011
    He is a range unit

    sigh... back to a 3 range unit party again.
  • Yarix November 2011
    No, bad idea. I need all 4 ranged to have a chance to kill him in round 1. And considering the damage you need to kill him in round one...
  • Tenkai November 2011
    I meant 3 range for the enemy. I cant go in a fight without full magic and full health now!
  • Yarix November 2011
    Ah. Yes, that would be a bad idea... I now hate blocks even more...