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  • Tenkai November 2011
    So i was thinking with the introduction of dungeons why not add a scroll of teleportation. It can random teleport us on the map so when we have nothing around us we can use it to try and find more monsters to fight. Also what about a blessed scroll of teleportation that lets us teleport to a bookmarked location on the map? scroll of teleportation can be bought from town for 15+ coins and blessed scroll can only be gotten from dungeon boss.

    This idea came to me because i feel like my server is reseting less. I noticed i had to wait 2 hours one time for a reset.
  • BrandenF November 2011
    Blessed scroll by a dungeon entrance? I think so...
  • pjuros November 2011
    Scrolls will be introduced, with all options you mentioned.
  • Tenkai November 2011
    O.O you are awesome :)
  • Tenkai June 2012
    Is this idea still valid?
  • pjuros June 2012
    Yes, just found out some images for scrolls