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Something changed
  • Yarix April 2011
    New thread for new observations.

    To kick it off: xp-towns now deliver 6xp and therefore become a worthy travel destination...
  • Yarix April 2011
    Eh... That's weird. I just picked up a 9xp... Do they get higher if picked up in a row? Or random? Is this new?
  • Yarix April 2011
    Oh. Great. Perhaps I should read the 'update' text before posting... Still, stars just got interesting again...
  • Gogan April 2011
    :-) thanks 4 the info :-P
  • Thrillhouse April 2011
    Yeah, stars rule! I like how its worth your time to get them now. And might even be better then battling, especially when you are still low on hp.
  • Koiteth April 2011
    Stupid question but what is an xp town? The only towns I see (other than the one you go to at the losing end of a battle) are the hams that only give food points.when I click on them it says 'towns'.
  • Yarix April 2011
    Yeah, but try the stars and health too. They're all named 'town'. But as said, you can call the xp-ones stars as well
  • Koiteth April 2011
    Why do mobs get an xtra move? Example: knifemaster has 3 moves and fire vulture has 3 moves BUT when that sucker moves on my units it moves 4 times. Maybe I'm delirious for lack of food idk.
  • Yarix April 2011
    Perhaps to compensate for the lack of initiative. Oh gods, no. Don't introduce an actual initiative roll. I won't survive that...
  • pjuros April 2011
    Mobs get extra move for first wave cause they start second, little compensation.
  • Koiteth April 2011
    A-ha. My "let the traveling mobs go first" strategy should pay off. Thanks!