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wierd dim light bug
  • Tenkai November 2011
    when i was on the main map my back light dimmed and would not allow me to move. it kept happening until i did a reinstall.

    also i had some glitch that i would finish a fight and when i entered the next fight it showed the ending of the last. it would not let me fight. i had to do a reinstall twice for this one. both times happened when i got a call while i was on wifi
  • pjuros November 2011
    I'll try to reproduce it on my phone and fix it.
  • Yarix November 2011
    I saw the dimming while doing something else. Wasn't trying to move so I didn't have problems, didn't pay extra attention
  • thorg November 2011
    The undead are among us.
    Ghost in the machine.