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  • pjuros November 2011
    Dungeons are introduced to the game. For now there is only one dungeon 'Skeleton lord hideout' with difficulty 'very easy'. You will need at least level 5 to finish it. At the end of dungeon there is dungeon boss and statistics about killed bosses are saved. Soon scoreboards will have lists with best dungeon players.
  • valjean November 2011
    Sweet! Any tips on where to find it?
  • pjuros November 2011
    There is same number of dungeon entrances as number of towns. Placement on map is random.
  • Woar November 2011
    I SEE one... I go.
  • valjean November 2011
    I found one too... and beat it. Great job, petar.

    Everyone else, make sure to have atleast full stamina or 3 stamina pots with you. You will want to get all the goodies.
  • Woar November 2011
    Wow yeah, way to eat up some mana pots... :)
    I went straight to boss, then backtracked to get extra room... Used a fair few moves doh.
    :) nice addition to game Petar. Wasn't sure how you would do it, but nice.
    My only gripe was that I only had 2 mobs + boss to fight so it was a bit sparse in fights vs moves. (eg 50+ moves for 3 fights) but you did say it was the easy dungeon).

    Cheers for update. Thanks for hard work.
  • pjuros November 2011
    Yes, it's easy dungeon for low level players, much harder dungeons will come soon. Now game engine supports predefined enemy parties, so there will be much more fun in upcoming dungeons. And I noticed some large amounts of extra coins in game, so this way players are forced to spend some cash on stamina and healing potions.
  • Woar November 2011
    Sounds great petar, looking forward to it.
  • Thunk November 2011
    Woke up next to a cave this morning. Super fun. I would like to see the gold and stars in dungeons be worth more than in the regular world. Dungeons are always where the bad guys hoard their gold and dungeons are much less frequent that regular mobs so it makes sense that they would have extra rewards.
    Really enjoyed finding it this morning. :)
  • Troop November 2011
    First Boss is dead :)
  • Caesar November 2011
    First dungeon down good work petar :-D
  • BrandenF November 2011
    I logged in next to a dungeon. I almost had a stroke. Explored and beat it. Was a very satisfing experience. Great job Petar!
  • Tenkai November 2011
    I used 6 large potions finding a dungeon and 3 once I got in... I really like the lay out. I know its an easy dungeon but is it possible to make the boss have a chance to drop a unique item let's say 25% of the time for very easy dungeon. What's the formula for boss exp?I got 66 Thanks for the update @pjuros
  • Fireseeker November 2011
    I think I have cleared 3 or 4 dungeons this morning before people noticed them
  • Thunk November 2011
    I just saw this huge cluster of players on the map that looked really strange. I took a couple more steps to reveal them all around the sides of a dungeon trying to get in. Pretty funny.
  • BlackShift November 2011
    Love it! I've of the fee times I actually used a stamina potion, never found the urge to use more turns. The skeletons were easy to kick ass, still fun though. No moremoves to find another one.. Should have remembered the coordinates..
  • LordDragon November 2011
    Only mobs in dungeon?, no potions??? Or food
  • Fireseeker November 2011
    There is potions,fountain,chests, stars and coins in there
  • Tenkai November 2011
    2 chests, lots of coins and stars littering the floor
  • Toonster November 2011
    I really like this :)
  • Woar November 2011
    Last 2 clears I just got 1 chest behind boss and 4 coin squares. :( it takes 5 moves to collect those 4 squares and be back in your start square so didn't even bother.
    Still was fun clearing.
    Is burning down my stamina pot stash and I've only cleared 3 so far.
  • Xyzzy November 2011
    Awesome job Petar! Cleared 2 since I woke ran out of moves lol. Left the coins.Fountin is nice touch.
  • ojwuzguilty November 2011
    Would be nice to get at least your level items from the chest... I got a level 1 shirt at level 10 for he dungeon, kind of a waste of time. 2nd chest was a item my level though.
  • Vincendra November 2011
    I really consider lvl 19-20 in dungeon.~ 120 exp / run and a fuckton Of gold.
  • twitch_lol November 2011
    It is a waste to go across brinde for chest. The likely hood of it being something wrth the moves is like 1 in 50. Cost atleast 20 move thre and back which is 1+ large stam pot which means u have to get a dragon weapons to pay for it. Maybe there could be a fountain that gave back all staminia
  • thorg November 2011
    I agree, i've only done one dungeon, and I truly enjoyed it, thanks Petar, but I used more moves exploring than I could afford. I didn't prepare by buying stam pots, and had to wait a few hours to complete the adventure. I could have gathered more, but next time I'll gather less and conserve moves.
  • BlackShift November 2011
    Thought the same thing, twitch_lol. However found the addition to the game more fun than the waste of moves. Besides, this is supposed to be a low level dungeon. Maybe the high level dungeons well be more worth your while.
  • Yarix November 2011
    It was for me. Finally got my lvl13 ranged star back (I accidentally sold my old one a few weeks ago...)
  • Dragondreamer November 2011
    Thanks Petar, I just found the dungeon! Kind of a big surprise, since I haven't been lurking on the forums in a couple of months. :-) I had to take a break to check in here to see what to do once I got inside! I'm really glad I did, everyone has details & info I found very useful. Thanks guys!!
  • twitch_lol November 2011
    Even tho dungeon is low lvl it has realy made lv 19 a lil more bareable now that there is a fight I know ill win
  • Tentacle November 2011
    @pjuros: Do Dungeon kills count towards kill list? I only cleaned one dungeon, only 4 mobs (including the boss) I think there should be more. I mean, it's a DUNGEON! Where the bad boys hide and protect the good stuff! Maybe it's possible to link the kind of drop to the difficulty of the dungeon? Easy Dungeon --> Low Level Drop. Difficult dungeon --> high level drop.

    Tough fights should be rewarded better than the "easy" ones...

    I mentioned the idea before: How about Trophies? Stats should also be linked to dungeon difficulty.

    (I guess my connection didn't want to send the whole post :-))
  • Yarix November 2011
    Yeah. How about
  • pjuros November 2011
    All dungeon kills are recorded and when some more dungeons is introduced I'll do something regarding scoreboard stats, trophies and rewards.
  • Tentacle November 2011
  • Tenkai November 2011
    @pjuros In all dungeons can you have hidden chests or items? Like hidden a hidden chest or something. It would give players more incentive to look around the dungeons
  • pjuros November 2011
    yes, taht would be posible, I'll put some hidden objects .... enemies and chests
  • Tenkai November 2011
    enemies....LOL that would be a crazy surprise
  • Yarix November 2011
    Ok, but make it somewhat likely to spot them. I mean, I won't go to each square just for a small chance of finding a chest...
  • BlackShift November 2011
    I walked to the utmost left spot in the dungeon, next to the fountain. There you can see an extra (secret?) bit of 'room' on the top left of the dungeon that seems to be out of reach. I tried walking through the walls at several location but failed :-(. So perhaps there /are/ already secrets..
  • Tenkai November 2011
    Could be other dungeons
  • Koiteth November 2011
    Excellent Petar, So much has changed since I've been ,ahh sort of away. Lost 12 our so in rank but still having fun. Thank you! =;-D
  • Vader2 December 2011
    Just encountered the graveyard dungeon. Slightly harder than normal. Good addition. Would like the drops to improve though. @petar have you added secret rooms yet?(I didnt explore the last one ptoperly as I didn't want to waste moves)!
  • BlackShift December 2011
    I'm quite interested in those dungeon statistics. Will we still get them?
  • pjuros December 2011
    Yes, there will be much more stats, but first version 1.0 needs to be finished.
  • BlackShift December 2011
    Which is much more important! Keep up the good work :-).
  • kariskakaris December 2011
  • grizzlybear_ December 2011
    Any time frame for ver.1.0? Just wondering
  • Tenkai December 2011
    2.5 weeks ago he saidabout a month.
    So at least another 2 weeks
  • kariskakaris December 2011
    It's going to be a long 2 to 3 weeks. Early birthday present though. Can't wait! I have all my equipment saved up plus some to spare. I'm ready to rock!