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Player Appreciation/Congratz #2
  • twitch_lol November 2011
    I think 113 is long enough time to remake one of my old theads. U know what to do!
  • thorg November 2011
    Congrats to Zerozonez for being first to lv20 and the 50k club on svr2.
  • LordDragon November 2011
    Congrats to Gloom. Lv20 on svr2.
    50k club very soon.
  • thorg November 2011
    All hail Tenkai!
    Incredible surge for huge lead in total wins.
  • Tenkai November 2011
    thanks thanks :p
  • thorg January 2012
    Sorry to see you fall LordDragon.
    I was looking forward to joining you in the race for #1 on the k/d board.
  • LordDragon February 2012
    It was bad luck, my first loss came after a refresh of the map after losing one of my team members, I moved into a dungeon that was next before take off, and the entrance to the dungeon by a group change enemies! I had to fight 4 to 5, almost saved me, for 1 turn was defeated, my first loss.
    I hope no one will pass the same thing happened to me.
    A greeting!.

    I knew that the map would cool quickly, so quickly I enter the dungeon .. what was my surprise to see that change by a group of enemies !!!!!, but hey, just bad luck.

  • LordDragon February 2012
    At least quickly climb into the top positions of experience and I'm still the richest of the two server with more than 4000 coins, sooner or later I knew I had to lose some, I would have liked it to be this way but if it was so bad luck.
    Good luck and do not move or change uncured group members have whatever is in the map, because anytime you can change and life sucks. %%-
  • thorg February 2012
    Hey GiantSquid, you once held the #1 spot on svr2 in k/d, until ZeroZonez and my last char "MAX" passed you up.
    Congrats on staying undefeated this long, and since Zero hasn't been played in months and I lost, I consider you as #1 again.
    However, I plan on changing that by passing you again with my new guy "DragonBalls".
    Don't lose till I get there, OK!