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force close when going to inventory
  • nyteshaid November 2011
    Its been happening all morning. Maybe its on my end?
  • Woar November 2011
    No, same thing for me. Can't switch to my battle gear. :( inventory just crashes.
    Petar must be adding server changes. :)

    Ok perhaps I'm a little early on that. :)
    Go petar... Dungeons...
  • Silenz November 2011
    Same here. Was ready to battle but couldn't equip battle gear.
  • Tenkai November 2011
    Still going on. I am still fighting without my battle gear
  • thorg November 2011
    Same here, everything else seems fine, can't open inventory.
  • Caesar November 2011
    Glad im not the only one with the problem
  • Fireseeker November 2011
    Same here
  • kariskakaris November 2011
    Wish I forgot to put healing gear on. Fighting without battle gear sucks. Lol.
  • UnTTKn0wn November 2011
    Omg my healing items really suxs for battles. Go on Petar, dungeons worth that pain.
  • Yarix November 2011
    Same here. Reinstall didn't solve the issue
  • pjuros November 2011
    Fixed. I was cleaning some old functions on game server and by mistake cleaned one new function. It should be ok now.
  • Yarix November 2011
    Weird! Battled (was full health, didn't want to wait), checked inventory & it worked! See how long this lasts...
    [ignore this comment. Petar solved it while I battled :X & answered while I posted ]
  • Yarix November 2011
    Sorry Petar. FC'ed again at inv after changing gear. Restarted & inv was available again. Gear was changed. Changing other gear FC'ed again. So: changing gear gives FC
  • thorg November 2011
    Also selling items causes FC.
  • Silenz November 2011
    Yea it loads the inventory but when changing gear it fc'ed.
  • Yarix November 2011
    Buying stuff & reloading inv works fine
  • pjuros November 2011
    Fixed. It was same problem as before ... PEBKAC :-)
  • Yarix November 2011
    Lol. And thanks for the coordinates too >:D<
  • Toonster November 2011
    I thought I was the only one.. Well it works again!:-)