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Dragon collector RGP v0.92
  • pjuros November 2011
    Version 0.92 released on android market. Changes:

    * added default image for ads
    * faster movement on map (50% less communication with server)
    * fixed crash while receiving call in battle

    This last one was big problem, so I hope this fix will bring more new players.
  • Tenkai November 2011
    Let's funnel all the new players to server 1 !!! :p
  • Yarix November 2011
    First experiences are ok. I'm in a bar with lousy wifi and the map feels responsive. Well done, I'll let you know if it keeps up
  • Tenkai November 2011
    I have a feeling we can contribute your loses in game to drinking? Gaming under the
  • Thunk November 2011
    Map seems better to me. Good work.
  • Thunk November 2011
    Okay, better is a huge understatement. This makes the game much more playable. I think if there were people turned off by the slowness that's all gone now. I just used up about 15 turns in a matter of seconds which I never could have done before. Does the popup that reads "moving player" really need to be there? I wonder if that could speed it up even more. I know when I'm moving I don't need a popup to tell me that.
  • Thunk November 2011
    I feel like I'm spamming now but I just got a phone call and it didn't crash. Love it.
  • UnTTKn0wn November 2011
    I Really like the new smoothly map system, sometimes i moved to directions that i never wanted to go because of spamming arrow buttons, thanks!
  • Xyzzy November 2011
    Nice map movement! Thank you Petar.
  • Toonster November 2011
    Great update! Plays way better, even when I am receiving my wifi poorly, thanks :)
  • Yarix November 2011
    Agreed. Vast improvement for gameplay. One (probably inherent) issue: no map updates if you run into a tree (to see if the map changed during a waiting period)
  • thorg November 2011
    Your right Yarix, I wasn't sure if it was my imagination or bad luck, but to start off this morning I bumped a tree then took a step and the map changed. Could be hazardous not knowing what your stepping into.
  • twitch_lol November 2011
    Try the refresh button instead if that oes work petar could u put a map refresh button up
  • Woar November 2011
    Tree bumping sounds dangerous anyway.
    Just hit back button out of map and open map again... Refresh.
  • BlackShift November 2011
    Don't the trees move as well? Anyway, the game us much more enjoyable now! Thnx Petar.
  • pjuros November 2011
    Trees don't move. I'll put refresh button on map in next release.
  • Toonster November 2011
    That would be great! I always used that tree trick..
  • kariskakaris November 2011
    I use the tree trick as well but I kinda of like the fact of not knowing what's out there. It keeps people from farming unless they want to waste a turn to see map refresh every time and it adds an ambush element that makes it harder to keep a perfect KDR. On that note scroll of remove loss 1,000 bucks. Lol
  • ZeroZone November 2011
    Scroll of remove loss.... Nothank you
  • Yarix November 2011
    @KariskarkassusorsomenameIllthinkofanastyabreveationnexttime: it doesn't work that way, you can exit the program and restart it. Map will be updated without an extra move