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No poll attached to this discussion.
  • thorg October 2011
    Feb 19, 2012
    1(1) Stimpy 2780
    2(2) Giant Squid 2109
    3(4) Seve 2076
    4(2) DragonBalls 2061
    5(1) Tentacle 1920
    6(3) Ven 1763
    7(2) ThatguyWill 1696
    8(3) Phoenix13 1604
    9(4) SAGEA 1552
    10(1) Alter Ego 1515

    1(1) Tenkai 4101-8
    2(4) "Magic Weapon" 3666-5
    3(3) Grizzlybear 3623-1290
    4(3) bored 3364-255
    5(1) Woar 3291-33
    6(2) MegaWoody 2988-57
    7(3) Yarix 2894-25
    8(2) Gloom 2887-93
    9(1) Stimpy 2780-0
    10(4) Turttleman 2742-271
    Next ten
    11(3) Kariskakaris 2714-7
    12(3) UnTTKnOwn 2690-75
    13(3) beerhunter 2574-26
    14(4) guretan 2503-39
    15(1) meta 2430-2
    16(3) Flashheart 2333-40
    17(3) ACE 2306-13
    18(3) valjean 2306-92
    19(4) Vader2 2236-1
    20(1) Troop 2216-7
  • ZeroZone October 2011
    Interesting didn't know I had the most wins global..
  • BlackShift November 2011
    Top deaths? :-)
  • twitch_lol November 2011
    Well one of the 2000/0 bit the dust won't be long till the other fallow. It is just imposible some fight even on full hp.

    Right kain
  • ZeroZone November 2011
    *knocks on wood* not I
  • Woar November 2011
    Before magic I would have said impossible... As statistically it will just happen.
    With magic if he goes in with near full hp and close to full magic each time it creates a lot more variability... True probability says it is only a matter of time before he gets blocked 20 times in a row, but odds are he might go 1000s of fights now before that happens... It might happen on a bridge level where it won't matter etc...
    And before that loss, perhaps a game upgrade might change things further.
    I'm saying it isn't impossible to keep his record for a long while yet, but he better not take any risks at all because one of those murderous crit block parties are just a fight away. :D
    Good luck. You are going to need it. :D
  • Tentacle November 2011
    50 kills away from stimpy, had a bad run this morning, we'll see what the night brings. still hoping that I push him into a mistake to lose a fight ;-)
  • Kain November 2011
    @twitch_lol, ur right i got blocked 7or 8 times got crit at least 3 but had 40 magic points which i used one round too late and my build got messed up after an update, thought magic at later lvl will be more powerful.
  • draggarf November 2011
    Think total wins still separates the players from us wannabes like me. I'm not active enough to be included in any list, and k/d is the main one that shows up on the phone version? (at least for the "battlers") no way I should rank over any player like kain or pibi on my server at all...sorry mates.
  • twitch_lol November 2011
    U are #1 in kdno tho gratz
  • Tentacle November 2011
    Tough battle for P1 on Server 1: First three within 15 battles...! Still didn't catch stimpy though, he's 5 battles away. Met him on the map and cleaned out the area around him couple days ago ;-) meant a lot of walking for me, and in the end I killed enough guys for a refresh. Darn!
  • thorg November 2011
    Always feels special to come across an adversary. You kind of want to say hi, take whatever stuff's around them, then run away.
  • thorg November 2011
    Updated charts
  • Tentacle November 2011
    @thorg: exactly! Just didn't work out the way I wanted ;-)
  • ZeroZone November 2011
    Max needs to leave me alone on the kd list :(

    I like that ur there though it keep me motivated
  • thorg November 2011
    Updated charts
  • thorg November 2011
    Updated charts.
    Congrats Tenkai on commanding lead in wins, you've been busy.
    And to Stimpy on huge jump from 21 to 10 in wins.
  • thorg December 2011
    New charts
  • thorg December 2011
    Happy New Years everyone!
    New charts
  • thorg January 2012
    Updated charts
  • valjean January 2012
    Every time I see my name on the list, I feel bad that I've not been working as hard as I should be these last couple of weeks. Still on the list, but closer to the bottom.

    By the way, thanks for the updates, @thorg
  • Tentacle January 2012
    Same here, I've cut down play time due to new job, and now being lvl 19 i'm a little afraid to lose my perfect ratio. so no more 30 to 50 battles/day...
  • thorg February 2012
    New update on charts.
    Since I finally made the list, I'll reveal my new identity.
    I am DragonBalls.
  • thorg February 2012
    ps; Congrats to ZeroZones for returning from the deleted. :-?
  • Yarix February 2012
    Phew, still in the top 10 kills
    (heh. He has dragon balls)
  • thorg February 2012
    This could be my last score update before the much anticipated game update.
  • thorg February 2012
  • valjean February 2012
    So I thought I had lost a lot, looking at the other 11-20's... but then I saw the actual top ten. Apparently grizzlybear will fight anything.

    "Just stepped out of town after a loss and the entire party has five health? Yeah, I'm good to go!"
  • thorg February 2012
    Hey valjean, better get on it, there's a svr2 invasion coming.
    My old char. MAX is back and there's 3 up and coming new characters on the fringe of the top 20 in wins.
  • valjean February 2012
    I do some a day. Trust me, though... with about 600 various health pots, over 5k gold, and 40 large stam pots, all I'm waiting for is time.

    On march 14th, my second child will be born. I will have a week off of work. Update or no update, I am going to get to lvl 25.

    I'll probably double my death score though... oh well.
  • thorg February 2012
    Congrats on the upcoming birth.
    I'm envious of all these players with amassed Coins and pots.
    When I reactivated MAX, I had neither, and now I'm also trying to collect items, so the going is a bit slow. =D>
  • Yarix March 2012
    Yeah, congrats man. Though I have to warn you, if you think having another kid will improve your game time you'll in for a nasty surprise I-)
  • valjean March 2012
    Another kid won't. The week off of work I am taking will... you will see a jump on the leaderboard, followed by a crash.
  • Yarix March 2012