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New Exp/Moves top 20 (min. lv10)
  • thorg October 2011
    March 21, 2012
    If your lv9 or less, or if I missed someone, please post your score.
    1(2) ZeroZones. 4.17
    2(2) DragonBalls 3.62
    3(2) MAX. 3.54
    4(2) LordDragon 3.42
    5(2) Giant Squid. 3.17
    6(3) UnTTKnOwn. 3.07
    7(2) bjking 2.75
    8(1) Tenkai. 2.74
    9(4) Horse 2.72
    10(4) Sir Rakoon. 2.68
    11(1) Woar 2.65
    12(3) Drew 2.6
    13(3) Georg Mary. 2.58
    14(3) beerhunter. 2.51
    15(2) MegaWoody. 2.5
    16(3) JackThaRibba. 2.46
    17(1) Tentacle. 2.44
    18(2) Ringo. 2.432
    19(3) Kariskakaris. 2.428
    20(3) ACE 2.425
    20(3) Stefan. 2.425

  • Yarix October 2011
    Oh well :-t
  • thorg October 2011
    You just missed the top 20, Yarix.
  • Yarix October 2011
    Hah, no worries. I knew I didn't stand a chance. Now with magic I take detours before killing so xp/m was likely to suck
  • Tenkai October 2011
    I'm with you @yarix . I skip most battles if I don't have the mana
  • Woar November 2011
    Wow I'm hanging on to top 20. Rapid fall tho.
  • thorg November 2011
    Updated chart
  • Woar November 2011
    Oh... Gone from list... :( so many new faces. :)
  • Silenz November 2011
    I'm still on it \:D/
  • ZeroZone November 2011
  • thorg November 2011
    Svr2 is well represented here. Being the newest svr, I believe we've benefited the most from magic and level healing to being efficient and to climbing the ranks rapidly.
    Oh, by the way Zero, I see your back to sporting the ranger look. Anything on your left? Nothing to the right!
  • thorg November 2011
    Updated chart
  • twitch_lol November 2011
    Yeah and top 3 are all remakes!
  • thorg November 2011
    Second time, or as in my case, third times the charm.
  • bored November 2011
    after getting all the extra npc's, and some spells, the lower levels are so much easier the 2nd time around.. (although i stopped playing bored on server2 a few days ago..).. i think i had 300+ pots too.. no need for them all, the pots you can save until you hit 21ish is insane..
  • GiantSquid November 2011
    Top four are all remakes
  • thorg November 2011
    Svr2 still rules, svr1 can blow me.
  • Woar December 2011
    Yeah back in the list. :)
  • LordDragon December 2011
    Add to the list: LordDragon= 2.79. 18110 Exp - 6479.
  • UnTTKn0wn December 2011
    Ill Sux my ratio in next list. <3 lvl19 :@
  • thorg December 2011
    My new guy is almost 10th level, i'll make new charts then, maybe this weekend.
    My old character MAX, has already been removed from the web page charts, which is what I use.
  • thorg December 2011
    This chart is hard to do, but it's done.
    Your welcome.
  • UnTTKn0wn December 2011
    Very Gj thorg, thank u!
  • kariskakaris January 2012
    Yes thank you. All you guys make this game more enjoyable cause of the forums and all your interest in them I check the forum almost as much as the game! Ha.
  • ThatGuyWill January 2012
    Woo, I'm in the top 20. I love this chart. I wish all the high scores were kept so you could look at your overall ranking not just the server. Thank you for this service Thorg.
  • thorg January 2012
    Leaders in wins are in other top tens.
    Leaders in exp. are in the general chat by Tenkai.
  • thorg January 2012
    Svr 2 dominates with 9 of top 20
  • thorg February 2012
    I will complete a new chart soon, but for now, here's the top three.
    The resurrection of ZeroZonez
    #1 (2) 4.17
    The rise of DragonBalls, my new guy
    #2 (2) 3.67
    And LordDragon
    #3 (2) 3.46
    My old character MAX was second to Zero at 3.65 as well.
    F@%&ing ZeroZonez
  • thorg February 2012
    Ps; 5 of top 6 are server 2.
    Svrs 1,3 and 4 can kiss 2s' ass!
  • thorg February 2012
    Svr2 still rules.
    And with Zero out of the way.
    DragonBalls rules!
  • thorg March 2012
    Oh well, Zero's back.
    There are some newcomers to look out for, for making this list means top efficiency and the potential for a rapid climb of the experience chart.
    Congrats and good luck.