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Dragon collector RGP v0.91
  • pjuros October 2011
    Version 0.91 released on android market. There are some minor updates:

    * improved ad placing (no more moving map while ad is shown)
    * new system for game news
    * minor code changes
  • valjean October 2011
    well, I don't get ads so I don't see much of a difference. What is the new system for game news?

    Also, thanks petar, for keeping this game up. I appreciate the feedback and the ability to discuss ideas.

    That is what makes this game so great, the fact that as a forum, we can suggest things that affect gameplay.
  • pjuros October 2011
    Game news will be displayed on 'Player' page, above attributes.
  • BrandenF October 2011
    V 1.0 dungeons so daddy can use his 300 potions