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gold surplus
  • valjean October 2011
    So, I just earned 4000 gold, and I started wondering "do I need all this?" Obviously there isn't a need to spend it on anything other than various potions. And I don't see myself burning through $4000 in stamina any time soon.

    Petar, is anything on the horizon that might merit keeping coin? Any new units? The player market? Maybe a pvp gambling system?
  • Yarix October 2011
    Multiple skill resets O:)
  • Thunk October 2011
    What Yarix said!
  • pjuros October 2011
    Some quests will be for purchase.
  • Woar October 2011
    No idea how people complain they have too much money... I have saved long and hard for 2k, I want to spend it on pots and go on a rampage but I dont want to be at a massive disadvantage like last time when I couldn't buy the new party members.
    At higher levels 100 large health pots you could burn thru in about 50 fights or less. That is 1.4k (not including stamina costs) and I remember doing more than 50 fights in a run on earlier levels... Be glad you have the money.
    Just looked u up and yep level 18... Spend some time in level 19 then post back here letting us know if you still can't find a place to invest your hard earned cash.
  • valjean October 2011
    Lol. I am well aware of lvl 19 lurking in the shadows ahead. The reason I am asking, though, is to know if I can attack it with full force or if I need to kepp some aside for the "evil kiwi" playable unit.
  • Tenkai October 2011
    Keep some aside!!!
  • Woar October 2011
    As I mentioned above, if you haven't saved up and something comes along that needs money that benefits you, you are at a massive disadvantage if you can't buy it.

    When the new party members came out petar also introduced harder units... Mostly rangers.

    I was well ahead in the charts but was stalled at level 17, others who could afford the new units found the levels easy. I struggled as not only did I have old crappy units, I couldn't spend my money as I needed to save making it even slower.
    Once I got the new units I was back in it... But I didnt buy my last new guy until almost end of level 18. :(

    Spend money at level 19, but ensure to keep some around, otherwise you might be stuck for ages like I was, while others around you with the money race ahead with the new advantages.
  • Tenkai October 2011
    I can admit I had enough money to buy all the new units when they came out. That allowed me to catch up to everyone.