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Donut! No Barriers
  • Grinsepilz October 2011
    it is very annoying when you reach to an world ending, in most cases you have to go into the other direction to find more enemies and stuff.

    My suggestion is to get rid of the barriers and give the player amore endless experience of the world. A mathematical nice way to build it with an rectangular plane map is to simulate a torus, best known as donut. The world is a donut on which the player moves on without reaching an end.its quite simpler than implement an globe mathematically. E.g. take a plane paper and stick each opposite sides together, voilá you have a donut and the endings on the paper are gone ;)
  • pjuros October 2011
    Nice idea, I'll see if game engine can support it.
  • Tenkai October 2011
    if the game goes this way I would really appreciate x, y coordinates. You could possibly never find the dungeon.
  • BlackShift October 2011
    Or a Klein bottle, now that would be original!
  • Yarix October 2011
    Why stop at 4 dimensions, let's go to 12
  • UnTTKn0wn October 2011
    Xddd with black and worm holes xddd
    Ok, i like the donnut world, but with x,y plz.
  • ZeroZone October 2011
    Yeah if u change please add coordinates
    Or some way to track where we are.... I use the current walls to know where I'm at
  • nyteshaid November 2011
    Heck, I just wander around aimlessly :-?
  • BrandenF November 2011
    I just noticed x/y coordinates. This will be great for posting dungeon locations
  • ZeroZone November 2011
    Cept dungeons and towns move once a day
  • Tenkai November 2011
    Well it can help some people work together
  • Xyzzy July 2012
    Wanted to bring this idea up again. I've been dealing alot with the walls again. I really like this idea.