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new spells
  • ojwuzguilty October 2011
    What spells do you guys think are the most useful? The healing spells seem decent but have any of you gotten the damage spells or haste? Just curious to see which spells people find useful
  • ZeroZone October 2011
    Haste and blind .. also useful
  • GiantSquid October 2011
    I got haste and haven't needed it yet. But I am using four ranged units. I could see where it would be useful on lower levels though

    I am finding the level one damage spell useful to pick off ranged units when you don't quite get enough damage done.
  • ojwuzguilty October 2011
    Hmm. I'm real curious to see what the leech one is like, but I'm scared the cost outweighs the benefits, anybody have that one yet?
  • valjean October 2011
    It is great. But don't plan on it to heal your character. My melee guys leech about 50 a hit, but that is up against units that can do 200 damage. If you are relying on one melee and four ranged, it does help lengthen the life of your melee if he is at a good spot (bridge, for example).
  • ojwuzguilty October 2011
    Hmm interesting, its a tough decision due to no skill resets. That would be a cool addition to the game by the way, like a vender in town that resets Ur skills for 500g or something
  • Xyzzy October 2011
    I use the heal to keep a melee alive for an extra turn or when I enter a battle ill advised. Lol. Also like GiantSquid I use the Ice Arrow to take that last 60 points off a ranged that needs to die.
  • valjean October 2011
    I didn't get the ice arrow but I think I will now. One more ranged attack sounds pretty nice. Heal is a good one. Mass heal is ok, but most of my ranged units stay healed. So it is a waste in my opinion.
  • Axhole11 October 2011
    Ive only got the lv 1 spells (supremely wish it was made clear the reset was one-time) so far I have the same feel for ice arrow, it helps to knock off that almost dead ranged enemy, heal is nice cuz I run 4 ranged 1 melee and holds the melee a lil better. Haven't needed haste yet, and I think that saving your mana for healing or damage is better than raising your defense so I don't use the armor. So for lv 1 spells I woot ice arrow and healing.