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Dragon collector RGP v0.9
  • pjuros October 2011
    Version 0.9 released on android market. New features are:

    * introduced magic and spells
    * 12 new spells
    * 4 new skills
    * 4 new player attributes
    * improved overview screen
    * improved battle system

    Spell animations are bad and currently I'm testing new 2D openGL engine to make it better. Help pages will be soon updated so you can know how to use spells and magic.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: because of new skills all players will get skill reset option. You can reset your skills at 'Player' -> 'Skills' -> 'Reset skills' (when you use reset, button will disappear)
  • Silenz October 2011
    I don't know what to say :X
    Can't wait to use those spells
  • Vincendra October 2011
    Thanks big P.
  • BrandenF October 2011
    Oh my! Where to start...
  • Trogdor October 2011
    So how do I get spell points
  • Tenkai October 2011
    I'm guessing learning skill
  • pjuros October 2011
    With leveling you get 1 spell point .... I forgot to give old players their spell points, now it is fixed
  • Bangins October 2011
    Wishing I read the fine print better, no spells til next level cause I rushed my decisions and now have 15 magic resistance instead of putting some points on learning, oh well, and great job petar, well worth the wait!!! \m/
  • BlackShift October 2011
    Tnx, only got the healing spell so far, need some sleep before deciding what else to choose. Although it seems like I have enough spell points to get all the spells I want?
  • Woar October 2011
    Wow... WOW... Fantastic update...
    No wonder it took a while to implement, awesome.
    I would not be suprised if we find a few issues and bugs, because this its a huge change/update.
    Well done Petar.
    I'm at work so haven't had much time other than to just read thru the new stuff but not reset skills or use any of it...
    Loving it.
  • valjean October 2011
    So what did everyone choose? I only put one point in recovery, but I wish I did more. I maxed learning because blood lust is awesome. Anyone have any advice on the other two?
  • Woar October 2011
    Oh noooooo...
    In my excitement I thought magic expert was the one to pick to activate spells...
    So now I have 3 wasted skill points. Since it doesn't affect the spells I intend to use anyway like bloodlust etc... And since you can't really cast more than 1 spell per fight at current mana levels magic expert is currently an almost useless skill...
    Once again my haste has cost me dearly.

    Would love another skill reset petar. :)
    But happy to cop it on the chin for being an excited fool.
  • Caesar October 2011
    i did the same thing but maybe our haste will pay off in the future
  • twitch_lol October 2011
    u mean like maybe a weapon with magic damage? Ir just new gear in general. Lots of stuff missin with this update
  • Tenkai October 2011
    That's why I am still waiting to use my reset.
  • thorg October 2011
    This is better than I initially thought when I looked at it before work.
    Now that I've reset my skills and tried magic, I wish I had chosen two learning skills.
    Do over, muligan ?
    Fantastic update, this will extend the game for higher levels.
    Magic res has me worried though.
  • Kain October 2011
    My mistake was using most of the spell points, because if petar is planning to allow spell level up like some people suggested, then im screwed. I would rather have 2 or 3 spells leveled up than 5 i have now of lvl1. I thought there was no leveling of spells, but it looks like it might come in the future.
  • twitch_lol October 2011
    If like any other potentail updates u areprob looking at a few months so u have time to save up
  • Thunk October 2011
    Woar & Caesar, I did the exact same thing. I didn't realize the reset button was a one time thing so I just went for it. I figured I could reset again to tweak my build after I'd played with the different things. Woops!
  • Xyzzy October 2011
    Uuupdaaate..... =P~ Me likey.
  • JAAR October 2011
    Love the new depth. I also accidently selected def skill. Oops.
    I see how bloodlust would work well if using one tank, four ranged.
    I'm only lvl 7 and just about to recruit my sixth party member. In these shoes in debate about firerain.
    Anyone's opinion would be nice.
  • Tenkai October 2011
    @pjuros if we choose to not reset our skills will you eventually take the option away from us? I can't see a skill reset being beneficial to me at the moment. At a later level it might help me
  • valjean October 2011
    I tried it. It gave a little damage to enemies in it's area. It makes a 5-square plus shape pattern, so would be most effective on the bridge area where one enemy is in front and the others are lined behind. Though I didn't. Really think it did enough damage for the price of mana.
  • pjuros October 2011
    @Tenkai you can use reset any time you want, it will not be taken from players.
  • Yarix October 2011
    Ok, one day of play, here are my thoughts. First: yes, I too made the magic vs learning mistake. Fortunately, only once. Oh well.

    Second: I love. sorry, I try again. I LOVE what it does to the game dynamics. As mana is gained through walking I feel the urge to move again. As mana is topped off at 120 (sorry, didn't mean to brag O:) ) I also feel the urge to battle. LOVE

    Third: take full recovery. Do it. It might even beat moves skill at lvls 1 - 3. Why? Heal. At 105+ moves this skill means 180 health. Yeah. And lvl 20 stores up to 3 blinds. Anyone doing lvl 19+ knows that that could be 600 dmg.

    So, yes, mighty pleased so far. LOVE.
  • BrandenF October 2011
    Blind is by all means... gotta change my pants again...
  • Yarix October 2011
    That's why we play on the can. Less pants changeage required
  • ZeroZone October 2011
    Wound be cool if learning also gave a magic point
  • GiantSquid October 2011
    LOL @ Yarix
  • Vader2 October 2011
    @Petar fantastic update worth the wait. Totally changed game dynamics allowing much more strategy.

    Blind is great.
  • pjuros October 2011
    Yeah, it's all new dimension now. And posibilities with new items are endless. I don't know where to start with that. But first, let's get to dungeons.

    And now it's much harder to keep things balanced, so I trust you will let me know if you find major exploit in some spell combo :-)
  • Tenkai October 2011
    @pjuros could you private message me.
  • Yarix October 2011
    Nooo, I want to know that one too! :p

    Love the way you can think outside the box. Was on a bridge lvl but melee unit on the wrong side. Suddenly realized I had haste! Score!
  • ZeroZone October 2011
    Im ready for dungeons. :)
  • thorg October 2011
    Ddduuunnngggeeeooonnnsss \:D/
  • Woar October 2011
    I like what magic adds to the game and is a fantastic addition...
    But dungeons just sounds soooooo romantic to us rpg guys...
    Do exiting.
  • BlackShift October 2011
    perhaps the dungeons will have dragons! With pjuros numbering scheme we might hit one-oh with the next update, and there should be some dragons then :-) (or will we get 0.10? )
  • Toonster October 2011
    I don't think it will be 0.10, we already y had a 0.73 version for example which is a higher number, so the next update will be 0.91, or 1.0..
  • Caesar October 2011
    What does magic expert skill effect cause none of my spells seem any stronger
  • Yarix October 2011
    More (5%) dmg & heal
  • Caesar October 2011
    @pjuros are you planning to do the player market anytime soon or is it just something in plans for a later date like after dungeons and other things you are working on
  • pjuros October 2011
    It's in plan after dungeons.