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Timing crit hits
  • Eightz September 2011
    I'm not sure if its true, but I think I can time my crit hits, can anybody else do this?
  • Thunk September 2011
    How do you mean? I sometimes pause a certain amount of time before attacking and it *feels* like I'm making it crit but I'm pretty sure I'm just remembering the times when it works and forgetting the times when it doesn't.
  • Eightz September 2011
    More or less like you say. I just feel I pause the same amt each time. I'm probably wrong, but I get on some long runs of crits.
  • valjean September 2011
    I've thought that too. I think it would be too hard to program something like that in (not impossible, just impractical). But I agree. Sometimes when I really need a critical, I will pause before I attack. Maybe it is all in our heads.
  • Yarix September 2011
    Well, it's genetically wired into our brains so it makes sense that it feels that way. After all, self-fulfilling recognition is what religions are based on O:)
  • Eightz September 2011
    I believe I believe
  • Tenkai September 2011
    @yarix LOL
  • Tenkai September 2011
    Damn double post
  • Herb September 2011
    i think if peter did put in a cheat (only by accident of course), and he found out about it, it would be gone in a matter of seconds.