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  • Maru September 2011
    Could we get options for donating please

    I dont have a paypal account but would love a sms payment system, that would be great for those without paypal
  • Woar September 2011
    Sms systems are time consuming to setup... I don't think he intends on doing that at least until the development Is further a long. If petar gets a paypal pro account then you won't need a paypal account just any card would do.
    Petar said he was going to look into paypal pro account.
  • Tentacle September 2011
    SMS donating also is very expensive, I think Petar already looked into that before and said something about 70% going to the Service and only 30% to him... I also tried to donate but since I don't have the paypal I tried with my Visa, which the system didn't like... If PayPal pro allows donation via Credit Card that would be great!
  • pjuros September 2011
    I think most of the credit cards should work via paypal, even if you don't have paypal account. For now SMS payment is not option, cause of high provisions that telecom companies take (around 70%).
  • thorg September 2011
    I used my visa, it only took a few minutes to set up paypal account, is it risky?
  • valjean September 2011
    I have only used it a couple of times, but what I understand from it, it is safe.
  • Eightz September 2011
    I've used it for years for ebay and no problem.
  • pjuros September 2011
    It's one of the safest payment services.
  • twitch_lol September 2011
    everything uses paypal it is very very safe safest thing out there. More safe then swiping it at a gas station