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  • Tentacle September 2011
    So we know that Petar is working hard on the release of v0.9, and he promised some "big change in the game". of course nobody knows what it will be, nonetheless lets start the guesswork:
    I say we are getting dungeons of some sort. The support for that is build in since v0.7, so I think that Petar is working on that for quite a while.
  • BlackShift September 2011
    An observation: Petar has made two test accounts, one on server 1 and one on server 2, instead of just one.

    So maybe the change includes inter player communication, like chat or a market. Or a PVP arena.
  • Yarix September 2011
    These players already existed before the'7 release. My money is on magic, perhaps with some pre-battle options (being able to select the active units *after* the battle started would be awesome)
  • BlackShift September 2011
    I noticed that the red bird is now called 'red vulture' or something like that.wasn't it called 'fire vulture' before? if so, that change seems to be related to elemental magic or so.

    Furthermore, level 11 got a new enemy last week: 'outlaw' a 400 (iirc) ranged humanoid. Perhaps we can go bounty hunting! lvl 11 seems to be appropriate for petars test characters.
  • Woar September 2011
    Yeah prob magic points...
    Maybe individual char levelling? So that knife man can get stronger?
    I'm hoping dungeons... But that is a huge development... You never know tho....
  • Tentacle September 2011
    Well, there has been a discussion about magic, and I think I remember Petar saying something about that, too. Don't know the thread right now, but wasn't there something about a healing spell or so? And energy regeneration with moves to make moving more rewarding? Hm... personally I'd really like the Market place :-)

    EDIT: Individual Char leveling would also be nice. and "Old" Players get their Characters Leveled to their current player level :-)
    EDIT 2: I guess Petar is having fun reading this thread, how we all are soo far away from the truth...
  • Yarix September 2011
    Yes, or he'll pull an Apple: "darn, they guessed it, now we'll do something else" :p
  • Eightz September 2011
    I hope its an auction house. I've been raiding storage lockers and have a full stock of goodies.
  • valjean September 2011
    My guess is dungeons. He has said multiple times that this is his next goal. But hey. All of the above would be nice too.
  • BlackShift September 2011
    Petar said it would take him about ten days of testing, so it must be something complicated. My new guess is party-heal on level up!
  • Tentacle September 2011
    Well, as far as I know Party Heal when leveling is already active, and I don't think that would take 10 days of testing anyway.
  • Maru September 2011
    Im oñ server 3 how would I get to server jump?

    I would prefer to be oñ the most active servers ;)
  • pjuros September 2011
    All server are equal in activity, game engine puts new players on least active server so with time all servers are equal.
  • Yarix September 2011
    But that is based on nr of active players, not how active they are. However, don't diss server 3, it has the overall top 4 players...
  • Eightz September 2011
    I better step it up to make it the top 5
  • Silenz September 2011
    I think there gonna be some new skills.
  • Yarix September 2011
    I hope so. I only have one open skill slot left...
  • twitch_lol September 2011
    not for long server 2 is on ur heals. and plus u had a few weeks head start
  • Yarix September 2011
  • Caesar September 2011
  • Tentacle October 2011
    Just an observation: Server 1 has now 2 Test accounts. I guess Petar is busy testing v0.9..! a second account on the same server might lead to some Player interaction...