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battle areana idea
  • twitch_lol September 2011
    This would be a new place in town where u can battle baddies.

    You would have to pay too battle base on the mobs u chose to battle. You could chose 1-5 enemies to battle and u could chose what u fight. You would be rewarded based on the difculty of what u chose. Easy being one razor back (or kiwi for fun) to 5 minatar warrios being expert. Cost would be 1 gold per mob and a rating would be given with each battle based on the difculty you have selected. This would then be recorded onto a new leaderboard and at the end of each week the winner would be granted areana king and would be givin 50% of all income gernerated by the areana but would not be allowed to compete durning the week of his kindomship. Also the winner would be able to weild the dragon pecker (stats would be awsome) for the week of his kingship.

    What u think?
  • thorg September 2011
    Hey Twitch are you high!
    I know i'm drunk(thank-you spell check)
    Interesting ideas your having.
    I'd like a player to player like arena, either based on a challenge based system using our own stats or an even based platform where preset parameters are used.
    I'd enjoy the challenge against the best!
  • pjuros September 2011
    This is very good idea. Next release is allready in production, so it is too late to put it in, but for next one will give it a try.
  • thorg September 2011
    Which idea?
  • pjuros September 2011
  • twitch_lol September 2011
    lol nice try thorg ;-)
  • twitch_lol September 2011
    i know its not a perfect idea tho might need a little tweaking to be balance but was just an idea