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More than one char
  • Woar September 2011
    I know it would mean a bit of development but it may not be to hard to allow more than one char on 1 phone?
    Perhaps just a drop down of your char names on the first screen with a new char button next to it?
    also I think you should only be able to make more than one char on a phone if you are a donator?
    Eg. $5 or $10 per char or something? :)
    Just an idea...
  • Herb September 2011
  • pjuros September 2011
    Yes, this one is definitely in plan. After some more skills and spells it would be nice to try different aproach to char build up. It will require to change very core of engine, but it can be done.
  • Herb September 2011
    Back burner but still seconded
  • Woar September 2011
    Nice... Can wait till after spells and dungeons. :)