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Party screen not updating.
  • Pibi September 2011
    After combat the party screen used to show updated health immediately. Now it seems I have to log out to get it to show updated unit health.
  • BlackShift September 2011
    I noticed there is a refresh button on the arty screen. did not check it out though
  • Pibi September 2011
    I hadn't noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out. I did notice that this issue seems to occur due to the party screen not loading from the server in some cases even when selecting that screen from the menu rather than hitting back. I think the following steps would reproduce:

    1. Sign in
    2. Menu -> party
    3. Map
    4. Fight
    5. Menu ->party (will load from cache not server)
  • pjuros September 2011
    Use the refresh button in the upper right corner.
  • Yarix September 2011
    Is this by design or a temporary workaround? I hope the latter...
  • pjuros September 2011
    It's by design, cause many players complaint about loading speed, so this way it's optional. And in the future it will make easier transition to local caching system.
  • Yarix September 2011
    Ok, I see. I obviously don't know how you've set it up, but would it be possible to locally update the cache after events? I mean, let's say you've battled. The phone knows what happened locally so could update local vars. This could be used as updated cache and the phone would then only need to verify with the server (either scheduled or triggered by screen change our pushing the refresh button...). The server would remain leading ofcourse
  • pjuros September 2011
    Yeah, idea is to update the local cache, but not too often, that would be even slower.

    For example: when you log in game will get your item list from server. You can go to inventory and see that items as often as you like. Also, you can refresh that list if you press refresh button. There is no point to refresh item list every time you pick new item on map, that would slow things down.
  • Yarix September 2011
    I agree. But you could include triggers (like post-battle) to optimize synching