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i want less chests on the map
  • valjean August 2011
    So before I get blasted for the title of this thread, hear me out. My suggestion is to lower the amount of chests found on the map, and raise the frequency of drops from a battle. That way we will be rewarded for actually killing instead of being rewarded for playing the game every hour at X:50. So... just a thought.
  • Herb August 2011
    I like this thread. i really like the idea of getting rewarded more for battles and less for getting on.

    How about getting rid of half the chests whilst make the renaming chests worth a little more and put more drops on battles.
    How about getting rid of half the chests and replacing them with pots whilst making the battles drop rates a little better.
  • pjuros September 2011
    Ok, let's try this. Number of chests is decreased by half and drop rate is increased 5%. This should get you 1 item for every 3 battles in average.
  • Yarix September 2011
    Talk about quick follow-up. Nice response, Petar
  • valjean September 2011
    No kidding... I thought I had a good idea, but what petar came up with is awesome! Especially considering the change happened in about 12 hours!
  • twitch_lol September 2011
    but i think chest should be more rewarding now when u do fine. No more lvl 1 items when i am lvl 17. how about item will always be within 5 lvls of your lvl
  • Eightz September 2011
    I do get a lot of sandals
  • Yarix September 2011
    I still need one of those 1 luck boots...
  • Dragondreamer September 2011
    I agree that the chests should be equal to your level! I'm really tired of getting level 4 items when I'm level 11! I had trouble finding chests b4, now it's nearly impossible! But I am happy about the increased rewards for battling. I just wish I'd get a drop item everytime I win w/o any losses, that would make me happier. I do like that Petar is listening to us & cares what we think.
  • pjuros September 2011
    Chests levels are spread just fine, higher level items are harder to get, that is normal. With trading (soon to come) it would be much easier to get item you want. Award for battle without losses is nice idea, easy to do on server side.
  • Herb September 2011
    If we get player trade then I would agree with the higher items being harder to get and thus worth more. And battle awards will be nice.
  • Pibi September 2011
    @pjuros Awards for battles without losses would have to be small or things would get silly. As I said in another thread, I'm getting about 40 battles a day and lose a guy maybe once every other day. It's getting to the point where I'm limited by the amount of time I want to spend playing...
  • Herb September 2011
    what level and server are you
  • Pibi September 2011
    Level 16, server 4.
  • Herb September 2011
    And your playing 4/1 what stats/build are you going.
  • Pibi September 2011
    Wouldn't want to give everything away now. It's not like there are all that many options though.
  • Herb September 2011
    that's why i was asking i don't know a build that would get me 40 battles a day yet.
  • Pibi September 2011
    The only skills I haven't maxed are medicine and melee evade. I don't think it has much to do with build, since there really aren't that many choices.
  • Yarix September 2011
    I'm working with a 4+1 team with 2 reserves and 324 health/day. If you loose 1.5 pot per battle (I really hate those blocks, it might be more) this takes care of 13 wins. 111 moves should net about 25 pots, of which 7 medium. This should get you through 20 wins. The 33 wins should give about 11 treasures which should get you through the missing 7.
    I must admit though that my througput is lower since the server updates
  • Herb September 2011
    I am sitting at 108 moves per day. and 168 healing. I wish i could get back to 25 pots a day. Knowing when the reset was relay helped know if it was worth getting on. Now it feels like only 1 out of 3 times i get on i will find a reset. Its probably just me but i found this game more enjoyable when i knew the times i got on would help me.
  • Yarix September 2011
    Yes, I must admit that I like all changes except the refresh. And I'm starting to actively dislike that one
  • pjuros September 2011
    1 hour refresh at 50th minute was supposed to be secret in first place. Someone post it on forum and all players begun to expoit that 'bug'. It's not fair to just sit back and wait for update to pick all good stuff. In new refresh system, all players have to move around and battle, that is much better for whole gameplay.
  • Starblade September 2011
    Well it's not so bad.. When you got your phone in hand to check the clock or need to make a phone call. Check and see if there is any new items on the map. only takes 20 secs. not that big of a deal.
  • Herb September 2011
    I realy liked the xx:50. There was many a time I got out of a battle to find that my next pots and stars were gone and new players were in there spots. It was fun to have a uniform time to get on. Also if your worried that someone is just collecting pots and stars from the rest of us how is the battle reset any better.
  • Pibi September 2011
    I wouldn't say it was unfair, since anyone/everyone can check at XX:50. With the update, I still check periodically to see if there's been a noticeable refresh.

    It's annoying not knowing when the last and next refresh was or will be though. I have to get geared up and healed up before going for that pot in case of a reset, and if the map resets before I get there, the moves could be wasted. Sometimes you may not be able to tell if there's been a reset. And of course as others have mentioned, do you fight the wizard right next to you or go for that pot a couple squares away and use more moves to come back?
  • Xyzzy September 2011
    I would move to the pot first. Every time. Movement would heal party and use the pot for insurance. Usually run around at like a quarter health and fight about half. Not knowing makes things different, which is good. I have enough games set on time tables.
  • Yarix September 2011
    As said in another thread, I don't mind the randomness but I'm not happy with 2 hour updates during my active time and that I don't have an indication a change is due (or just happened). If that's solved (max 1.5 hour between updates and an icon to warn for an upcoming refresh) I'm a happy player...