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No poll attached to this discussion.
Top ten exp/moves players
  • thorg August 2011
    With the addition of new units, I was curious as to how efficiency might have been affected.
    1) WhyteOut 2.04
    2) JackThaRibba 1.84
    3) JamesMan 1.80
    4) Yarix 1.78
    5) Dry Ice 1.76
    6) Woar 1.75
    7) Thorg 1.70
    8) #10 exp on svr4 1.67
    9) Tenkai 1.66
    10) Twitch (svr2) 1.63
    #8 is oriental, can't spell it.
    Hope I didn't miss someone, please post your score if you like.
    Also curious about how many new units these players have?
  • thorg August 2011
    I have one, the master archer.
  • Yarix August 2011
    Mage and Archer
  • jacktharibba August 2011
    Mage and warrior
  • jacktharibba August 2011
    @Yarix : How much ranged/ melee do you use? I find 3/2 quite good. Did you experiment going 4/1? Like to see that
  • Yarix August 2011
    Yes, I'm doing a lot of 4/1 and it's Excellent. Seriously. Great.
    Sure, the river can't be exploited as efficiently, but this is compensated by having 4 units do damage from turn one. Also, my kit is optimized for ranged which means I have a 100% kill on the first ranged unit (which, on lvl 18, isn't a given and DOES help a lot). I then have again 4 units doing damage on turn 2 without exposing my melee unit. On turn 3 I usually have most painful enemy units dead and I can finish of the rest.
    I wouldn't go for 5 ranged (even if I could) as I'm still using my melee guy for directing enemy fire & moves.

    I think I did 25 battles on the day before yesterday (I had to regain my nr 1 position and make some distance with DryIce) and it cost me about 30 small health pots. 'Nuff said
  • Woar August 2011
    I was working hard to increase my xp per turn, but then new units came out. First the baddies, new spiders hurt, and I had to earn coin. Put increasing xp per turn on hold till recently, I now have mage and increasing xp per turn again. Less than 200 coin and I'll have the new archer.
    Just wish I had the lvl 15 dragon weapon. :(
  • Yarix August 2011
    In my case, I've had about 10 days with limited data access (and 2 without any) which meant that I just had to use all my turns as they'd otherwise be wasted anyway. This didn't help my ratio :-< but now I should be above 1.8 reasonably soon.
  • thorg August 2011
    It's easy to be patient when everything's going well. It's much harder when ,on a day like today, 3 battles, all vs 3 ranged and all were damaging and so far only 4 small pots found. All you can do is sit there and hope next hour will bring plenty of healing, or one can lose ones' patience and start blindly wandering as I might soon.
  • Tiago August 2011
    Mine is 1.83, i have no new units =/
  • Yarix August 2011
    But how much xp/day do you gain?
  • thorg August 2011
    Sorry, I forgot to mention, I only looked at lv7 and higher.
    What lv are you?
  • thorg August 2011
    Congrats Tiago(1.83) lv7 and Pjuros3(1.79) lv7, you both make top 5 in efficiency.
    I won't be making another chart this week, but soon.
  • Tiago August 2011
    Yarix it depends, some days i have time to play and others i don't
  • Yarix August 2011
    Fair enough. Btw, congrats on your position
  • Tiago August 2011
    Thanks, same to you
  • BrandenF August 2011
    I got all 3 hires. But I haven't been playing, other than farming/logout. :/
  • Yarix August 2011
  • BrandenF August 2011
    Haven't been in the mood to change my equips back/forth
  • Yarix August 2011
    Hm, ok. But keep it at battle setup (perhaps except boots) so you can at least do a few fights each day. Fights give me most xp and treasure nowadays
  • ZeroZone September 2011

    update : 2.46. Before server update.... Should go up more though

    Update: 2.51

    O.o white is at 2.71. Nice.....
  • Woar September 2011
    Pretty good. But not as good as Whyteout. :)
    Those numbers have changed a fair bit. recent changes have meant most people have been increasing their xp per move rapidly. :D
    2.37 could be right near the top tho. :)
  • Tenkai September 2011
    I'm at 2.44 o.o
    What about everyone else?
  • Woar September 2011
  • thorg September 2011
    Alright, here it goes.
    1) WhyteOut. 2.71
    2) Zerozone. 2.55
    3) Tenkai. 2.45
    4) #4 on svr4 2.28 Oriental name
    5) JackThaRibba. 2.20
    6) Woar. 2.18
    7) JamesMan. 2.13
    8) Yarix. 2.02
    9) DryIce. 1.96
    10) Pibi. 1.91
    11) MAX. 1.90
    12) Straun. 1.85
    13) Rex. 1.83
    14) Twitch LOL. 1.81
    15) Eightz. 1.75
    16) Tarcus. 1.74
    17) Silenz. 1.73
    18) WastedOnJack. 1.70
    19) Tiago. 1.70
    20) Bored. 1.69
    Only lv 7 or higher considered, sorry if I missed someone.
  • Woar September 2011
    Nice one thorg. :)
  • thorg September 2011
    I didn't make the top ten, so I stretched it out to 20.
    I'm MAX.
  • Woar September 2011
    Oh thats right... You started again.. I was wondering why you were missing from the 2nd list. :D.
  • thorg September 2011
  • thorg September 2011
    MAX is 2.0
  • Tentacle September 2011
    A pretty free translation of the name of number 4 on server 4 is "Magic Weapon", and it's Chinese ;-) and no, it's not me!
  • thorg September 2011
    How did you know that, Tentacle?
  • Woar September 2011
    It would appear that english is not the only language Tentacle can read. :D
  • Tentacle September 2011
    Well, my German is pretty good (lived there for quite some years) and now I hope to improve my Chinese since I'm working in the country. But to be honest: google Translator helped a little B-) It just felt wrong just to write "#4 on svr4 2.28 Oriental name" when "魔槍" is just as easy ;-)

    EDIT: Chinese and Japanese signs are pretty easy to distinguish...
  • Caesar September 2011
  • thorg September 2011
    Tentacle, I don't know how to print in Chinese, but if you think I should use Magic Weapon next time, I will. There's a Russian name that's close to the top 20, I wouldn't know how to print that as well. My inability to print these names almost makes me want to not continue this chart.
  • Tentacle September 2011
    :-) well, I used copy <--> paste. But what I forgot is that not every computer has the font for the Chinese Characters installed and just shows some boxes instead. O:) Before I came here I was always wandering how they type in Chinese (since they use a normal keyboard and not one with 6000 different characters on it) and it's actually quite interesting.
    Anyhow it wasn't meant to make anyone feel bad, just a suggestion ;-)
  • ZeroZone October 2011
    2.71 and rising

    Update 2.73

    Update 2.77


    update 2.91. I just want to be first :)

  • Tenkai October 2011
    Enjoy it. Once you get to level 19 it does not matter anymore.
  • Yarix October 2011
    Yeah, it's back to lvl 4 stats...
  • Silenz October 2011
    I'm at 2.13 now
  • thorg October 2011
    MAX 2.22
  • ZeroZone October 2011


  • Xyzzy October 2011
    Forgive me but how were you able to calculate that stat?
  • Xani October 2011

    Best player/fastest player, or click on your name and xp/moves

    Right now xyzzy, you are at 1.44
  • ZeroZone October 2011
  • Yarix October 2011
    That's how you recognize pre19'er. Still XP/move stats above 3... :-?
  • Tenkai October 2011
    LOL @yarix I was thinking the same thing
  • BrandenF October 2011
    I just hit 19. Ball buster? Really?
  • Tenkai October 2011
    @BrandenF he is an a$$hole huh?
    Wait till you see the lizard archer
  • Yarix October 2011
    Yeah, he's a real party guy. Tries to stay as long as possible & keeps up his end of the conversation... But congrats to joining the party yourself.