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Server 2
  • Tiago August 2011
    Why people on server 2 are low level compared to other servers ? Also, why can't a player from server 2 donate to the game ? I started playing the game 2 days ago and these questions are killing me. Thanks for the attention :)
  • Herb August 2011
    Server two is the newest server of the four hence low level. I was luckey to join the game and be put on server two the week it opened. Not sure about donations sorry.
  • Tiago August 2011
    Thanks for sharing with me :) Maybe the developer haven't had enough time to add server 2 to donation list.
  • pjuros August 2011
    Server 2 added to the donation list.
  • Tiago August 2011
  • twitch_lol August 2011
    It kinda hard to compare stats between server because they all came out at different times. First server was server 3... few weeks later server 4....few more weeks server 1... lastly about 2 months later server 2.....around aboutish
  • Koiteth August 2011
    Won't there be a different calc/scoring system when player interaction starts up?
  • Herb August 2011
    I think we should get rid of the win ratio and pick up a exp/days played. Or mabie keep the win ratio and pick up a forth list.
  • Tiago August 2011
    When player versus player arrives, our actual w/l ranking should be based on npc battles and a new ranking should be invented based on pvp kill/death ( K//D ) ratio.
  • Herb August 2011
    How will pvp work.
  • twitch_lol August 2011
    @Herb Petar has commented on this is the past and we have submitted a lot of ideas on how PvP could work. I will bump the post and feel free to comment or come up with new ideas.

    @Tiago Petar is also working on some new leader board and different version of the current will bump that post as well

    Edit: ok i bumped those old forum thread so that we can reactivate them and maybe have a little more conversation about them......
  • Herb August 2011
    Thanks for the bump.
  • Tiago August 2011
    Thanks, I checked and we've got some good ideas of the other players :) I'm sure petar will make a good job
  • fenrrirr June 2012
    is it possible to be register on more servers? i'm already on server 01, and want try a different class on another without losing the old one.
  • shadowsong June 2012
    @fenrrirr - only by getting the recovery key of current character... then register a new one... Then you can get that recovery key...
    Then to switch between you will need to recover each one, which the unique key each one has.

    It is random, I think, as to which server you will be created on.
  • Tenkai June 2012
    You get put on whichever server has the least amount of active units.
  • fenrrirr June 2012
    ok, if i understand it correct - the only way i can play on multiple servers is only thru the recovery key and deleting one player, then recover the second one, delete him and recover the first one? isn't there a more comfortable way?
  • shadowsong June 2012
    @pjuros has mentioned enabling multiple accounts in future... but as of now... no.

    But there isn't a delete step. Merely recovering one player to next. Would be easy except for having to enter a crazy text key to recover.
  • Elan_C June 2012
    I copy out my recovery key once, then text it to myself so I can copy/paste it whenever its needed. pretty convenient that way