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Love for new units
  • twitch_lol August 2011
    Just wanted to express my love for the new units and how much they have changed the game and have made it much more fun.

    It seems like now for the first time in a long time that i am having more health then moves. I have health and am able to battle but i cant find enough wizard to kill. Now this is what i am talking about. This is fun....

    Now if only i could get a lvl 15 items... :-( Then i would have even more health and not enough moves. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar. Anyone else having fun again???
  • BrandenF August 2011
    I! the new units definetly kick an ass!
  • Herb August 2011
    I am super excited for the new units
  • thorg August 2011
    When I had 500 coins, I had to decide , keep saving or buy the archer?
    I chose the archer. I believe I made the right choice. I average min 10 wins a day, use less than 1 stam pot a day and have already collected 250 Coins towards warrior. With warrior on board, it will be even easier to save for mage.
    Love the choice I made in getting archer.
  • Dragondreamer August 2011
    Sounds awesome!! I can't wait...wish I didn't have to! I'm still 150 away from having enough $ for the archer. But I'm working on it! :-)
  • Xyzzy September 2011
    When you get extra units do you keep your priors? If you keep your priors, do the inscribes heal?
  • Herb September 2011
    Yes your unactive units heal just as your active units do (with passive abilitys).
  • Xyzzy September 2011
    Cool. Thank you. I have 775 coins tight know saving for the mage. Many different ideas about how to work these new units :-?
  • Tentacle September 2011
    Hey, question is: do I buy the new Melee Unit or do I keep saving for the mage? How much does the melee Unit help in order to get money for the next one? and after all it's just 250 coins more.... right now (lvl10, close to 11) I feel like a fourth ranged unit would be awesome...
  • Yarix September 2011
    Take the mage. The knight is ok for health purposes but the mage is unbelievable.
  • Woar September 2011
    yes because you are so close to level 11 deff mage and then put on best range bonus gear and go 4 rangers and 1 melee unit to direct traffic/trap etc. etc.
    If you were level 8 and already had elf and almost had money for melee unit once level 9 then maybe melee unit as you might still have enough time to get mage by level 11.

    My new char zork is level 6 and so far it looks like I am only just saving enough money to be able to afford elf just before level 7. And I am not spending any money at all as I go. If the same trend continues I might just scrape in buying all units as soon as they become avail. But it will be a close thing.
  • Tentacle September 2011
    Thanks for the advice, I need some more time though, just at about 560coin if I sell my Inventory. Still hoping to get a player market though ;-)
  • Vader2 September 2011
    I agree with Woar, I restarted and all i have done is saved for new units this time round. Rotating more units gets you more battles and hopefully more drops. I am now at lvl 10 and so far had enough money to buy units by lvl 7 & 9.
  • Bangins September 2011
    Don't sell your inventory cause you may not find what you sold again, I learned the hard way