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Character Classes!
  • kthnxbye August 2011
    Classes! For you're hero.. not youre units :)
    Healer~Extra HP per day and potions heal more..
    Barbarian~Extra attack..
    Guardian~Extra defense..
    Bard~Extra turns per day..
    Paladin~Extra resistance..
  • kthnxbye August 2011
  • Bangins August 2011
    Sounds good to me!!!
  • twitch_lol August 2011
    u must play a lot of facebook games
  • kthnxbye August 2011
    I don't.. why?
  • twitch_lol August 2011
    generaly in most face boot games you pick a class for your overall account and each give different bonuses like the one you mention
  • Tiago August 2011
    It's a really good idea, builds would get more creative
  • BrandenF August 2011
    Luck build. Ill critical faces off
  • kthnxbye August 2011
    Oh..k twitch.. thanks for the support everyone :-D! B-)
  • aries66032 September 2011
    Good idea make it more like original final fantasy.the different classes I mean
  • ZeroZone September 2011
    Ranger.... Extra luck :D
  • Xyzzy September 2011
    I like that idea.
  • Yarix September 2011
    Only if luck also influenced enemy block chances.