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"Partial" Experience
  • DoctorNecro August 2011
    Just thinking about leveling past level 6, or any level, for that matter. Why not give experience per monster, instead of per group?
  • bored August 2011
    it would be easy to just fight kill 1 to 2 mobs without having any hitpoints.. sure you would have a lot of losses but its xp that counts.
  • Yarix August 2011
    Well, there could be a prerequisite to survive the battle. Or wait! What if xp gained is based on #enemy killed minus #units lost. For me, I'd also like a lvl component somewhere in there...
  • Herb August 2011
    I think if you die you shouldnt get anything or mabie loose a couple coins. You shouldnt get rewarded for loosing
  • jacktharibba August 2011
    Yeah, maybe one could flee from a fight and get partial exp [but it could fail and one gets sliced 4 one round] like one can flee before anyone moves and if it fails, one loses all turns..
  • DoctorNecro August 2011
    My suggestion was made because collecting stars is not as fun as battle. Unless I'm missing something, battling should always be more important than collecting stars.
  • Koiteth August 2011
    Amen to that! Dr.
  • Yarix August 2011
    I'm definitely with you! Battle FTW (pun intended)
  • Herb August 2011
    I would so much rather battle but my hp wont allow it. That is my arguement for a healing class. But for now stars is my exp getter.
  • thorg August 2011
    I went into battle with a combined front line HP total of 575 at lv14.
    All damage was taken by swordsman, who perished after taking 185 points.
    I bring this up because, ever since amus and rings came out I've been going into battle with less HP then I used to.
    What's your min HP for battle?
    575 HP for three fighters is mine, except for accidentally going to battle without knifeman.

  • thorg August 2011
    Sorry, I went off topic, should of started new thread for this.