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End game
  • Herb August 2011
    Is there an end game. Like a time limit or level cap in this game. Any reset time or date.
  • BrandenF August 2011
    I flippin hope not
  • bored August 2011
    well his programming as it goes along, last one was beta (and we had to reset), so i dont think he plans on another reset.. or date..
    is in process.. probably a while away.
  • Yarix August 2011
    There was a mention of prestige classes a few months ago, but I'm not tempted yet B-)
  • pjuros August 2011
    There is no end for now. When all features of game are done than we will have discussion on forum and decide what to do.
  • BrandenF August 2011
    If we do prestige modes. I find yarix and confiscate his phone
  • Herb August 2011
    and then I get all of the phones you have.
  • Yarix August 2011
    I think prestiging won't be smart in a pvp environment :-D
  • twitch_lol August 2011
    In most games at each end game you just fiht to get he best gear and hope for expansion or upgrades that would raise the cap and come out with nw quest and dugeons and gear.