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Petar do u need help?
  • twitch_lol July 2011
    Hey Petar, not that i have constant access to a PC i was just wondering if there is anything that you could use help with in developing the game. Don't know what much i can do but i want to help ya out. And also maybe someone else will read this who knows a little more about what you need and can be of more help.

    Make a list of things that could help you. Kinda like a hiring section but for volunteers.
  • pjuros July 2011
    Yes, it would be nice if someone could help with:

    1. gameplay video - small video clip showing how to get started and some features of the game
    2. begginers tutorial - instructions for new players
    3. FAQ
  • Yarix July 2011
    We could start a thread for 2. and 3...
  • Koiteth July 2011
    Much of the info could be pulled from the early forum discussions.
  • twitch_lol July 2011
    done, now if only i can find a version of frap for a phone lol i will try to make a video
  • Koiteth July 2011
    That would be nice. ;;)