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should i spend it?
  • twitch_lol July 2011
    Ok I have 1500+ gold and I was up around 1600+ I want to spend it so bad on trying to catch up with #2 and maybe passing him but what if updates come..... plus if I spend it I would have better chance of getting newer items. What to do? Petar u could help.... am I gonna need 1500 coin anytime soon?
  • pjuros July 2011
    yes, for new units.
  • twitch_lol July 2011
    Any kinda of time frame. And woot the old petar is back post quick again
  • pjuros July 2011
    week or two
  • twitch_lol July 2011
    Ok nutty u lucked out
  • BrandenF July 2011
    Fuck! I just had 1200 coins. Now I only got 520ish
  • bored July 2011
    spend it, spend it you can't take it with you.
    @pjuros get back to work, I need to take advantage of the new amulet before you upgrade the monsters!!
  • Yarix July 2011
    @BF: what did you spend it on? I saw you suddenly drop to 5xx, so what did you buy?
    Still, I too might need to temporary rethink my priorities. Coins...
  • BrandenF July 2011
    30+ large hp. And 20+ stamina
  • ACE December 2011
    Money is cap at 10000
  • BrandenF December 2011
    Holy old topic lol
  • Yarix December 2011
    Yeah, good times, right? We were still so young & naive :p
  • BrandenF December 2011
    Not sure much has changed
  • BlackShift December 2011
    congratulations on making 10K ACE! Nice to know what the be maximum is. I'm not even halfway there when I sell everything! (too lazy to buy pots..)