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buying amulets/rings
  • retrogamer July 2011
    I haven't found either in a chest yet. Is it possible to get either of them yet or is that coming in a future update?
  • twitch_lol July 2011
    Not out yet
  • retrogamer July 2011
    Okay tthank you twitch. that's what I was wondering. can't wait to see them
  • BrandenF July 2011
  • twitch_lol July 2011
    Might see em
  • BrandenF July 2011
    Could use the health benefits from them for sure. O just used 300 in stamina pots and my 52 small/ 30 med/ 1large health pots to show eightz there's no way in hell he's taking my #4 on exp lol
  • retrogamer July 2011
    Just got my first ring. Ring or luck level 3, giving me +2 luck
  • Eightz July 2011
    I just need branden to go on vacation to an out of service area. Or ill buy 8 phones, start some newbs, then box him in.
    I'm worried about loosing 5 to the bear. The gbear has big spurts of xp at once.
  • BrandenF July 2011
    :p if me and the ol lady keep fighting the way we are ill be dropping my phone plan/selling this DROID x so I can afford a lawyer lol
  • Yarix July 2011
    I told you the second night fishing would be pushing it...
  • BrandenF July 2011