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  • skarn August 2014
    Been a few years but gonna try playing again. Just saying hi to everybody.
  • Lithos September 2014
    Howdy, I still play but not near as much as I used too
  • Xyzzy September 2014
    Hi. Ive been gone for awhile too. Just started over.
  • Xyzzy September 2014
    Who out there is still playing? I've come back and the boards are quite. I miss the XX:49 days. :!!
  • steveyD_1 September 2014
    I would if I hadn't reset my phone and not backed up my damn keys! @pjuros you still out there mate? I need to email ye ^^
  • steveyD_1 September 2014
    Oh, and hi Skarn! Welcome back xyzzy!