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  • steveyD_1 January 2014
    So I noticed there was at least 1 person using version 1.6....any clues/information on what we can expect Petar?
  • pjuros January 2014
    That is my testing account. Some of the new features in 1.6:
    - new forum (custom made by me :-), autlogin with your game account
    - 7 units in battle with customizable battle formation
    - 1 new unit (Toma, battle mage)
    - more scoreboards and statistics
    - harder enemies
    - migration of game server to new hosting provider
    - more unique items as award for all quests finishing
  • Xyzzy January 2014
    Battle Mage! Awesome. Like the formations too.
  • Bane January 2014
    Awesome pjuros can't wait
  • Tentacle January 2014
    7 units in battle, will the limit of party members be raised?
  • pjuros January 2014
    yes, +2 to limit of party members
  • Tentacle January 2014