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Thanks for the free health Petar
  • steveyD_1 January 2014
    @pjuros in the spider dungeon first fight, I'm being hit for -3 dmg. -6 on crits.

    Thanks for the help dude, but that ain't right. It's the poison spider attacking firestarter and each hit is giving him +3 health. His magic is 41, is that why she all shit-cray?
  • pjuros January 2014
    I really don't understand what you ment to say.
  • steveyD_1 January 2014
    Hmm sorry, was a bit drunk ;)

    I'm lvl 21, when I get to the first fight in the spider cave the mobs are targeting my firestarter (lowest hp) but are hitting him for -3 dmg, which just heals him +3hp. This pushes his hp past max until oranginus is suddenly the new target as he has fewer hp than firestarter. These attacks hit for a normal amount of dmg. Firestarter has 41 magic, im guessing this is where the problem is?
  • pjuros January 2014
    Hm, yes, that is the problem. I will limit defence bonus when magic difference is high between attacker and defender.
  • steveyD_1 January 2014
    Take your time, I like this bug B-)