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Whats your unit setup?
  • delfonic January 2014
    I know(now) that we could be antisocial and just look up everybodies units and stuff, but I figured everyone could layout what units they use and for what reasons.

    My units are Oranginus, Firestarter, Elf Commander, Assassin, and Dwarfal.
    Since the AI change, I only have to work on the resistances of certain units. My dwarfal always goes out first to make sure he takes melee hits so his melee resist is high. My assassin does get moved behind my dwarfal, and I mostly use him to keep one of the ranged or magic units from attacking, even though he still packs a decent punch.
    As for my three magic/ranged units, I have me elf commanders magic resist up real high, and his health slightly lower than the others so he is who gets fired on. At most he takes 60-70dmg though usually under 40dmg from magic/range units. I love the elf commander since his special attack is an automatic hit. My fire starter uses his mass shot atk and ofcourse my oranginus uses his ice shot.
    None of my units normally die unless I get unlucky, and then the only one who has died at all recently is my elf commander.
  • steveyD_1 January 2014
    I'm using Dwarfal, Firestarter, Oranginus, Elf Commander and Ranger. Playing warrior with atk/def and hps maxed, as well as half resistances. Apart from dwarfal, everyone has highest mana rec available. (8 or 9 a turn)

    Dwarfal - 22hp leach and high melee resist, does all melee fighting. Last couple of turns in combat usually see dwarfal topping up his hp on those haunted tree things. 20hp rec as well for shits and giggles.

    Firestarter - high max mp + leach, doesn't get targetted so just bombs away. Usually singles to pick off weak mobs

    Oranginus - High resistances + high mp leach, the target of the group. Like the Firestarter just bombs away. Mp leach saves about 33% mana cost; mp recovery 12 means he never runs out.

    Elf commander - nothing special except add damage and mp leach. Special attack is awesome for range resistant mobs or ensuring a death

    Ranger - same as commander. Can spend last few rounds healing instead of shooting.

  • LPD688 January 2014
    I have 7 units total (Assassin - 71, Elf Commander - 75, Firestarter - 75, Knight - 75, Ranger - 75, Vexa - 75 and Dwarfal - 75). Once they are all at level 75...I will commonly use Elf Commander, Ranger, Firestarter, Dwarfal and Knight or Vexa. Range units are self-explanatory what they do, but for the Firestarter I merely use fireball attack rather than wasting lots of mana on firerain. Generally speaking, my range units can cause severe damage or kill 1 unit in detail from the get go. However, I will generally concentrate their first attack on the strongest range unit. My Dwarfal and Knight or Vexa are my melee warhorses. My Knight has 36 defense, Vexa 32 defense and Dwarfal 33 defense. Each has extremely high resistance - lowest being 23 magic resistance on Dwarfal and the highest resistance is Dwarfal's Melee at 48. None of these 3 units generally are hit with more than 40 points of damage even with enemy hitting a critical strike. I've seen some of the lowest power enemy units hit all 3 of these units causing less than 10 points of damage. Needless to say, these guys generally heal to 100% within a few moves after battle. I have no units less than 16 hp recovered each move. So my first move is to block any enemies from approaching my range attackers with my melee units. The second move is when my melee attackers strike. My Dwarfal on a critical strike can hit as high as approx 550 points of damage (to a single unit) and the same with my Knight. Most times my Dwarfal gets surrounded - he then delivers multiple 200 - 400 points of damage to each unit. Vexa is not near as strong as a hitter, but she can defend well. My unit attacked the most is my Firestarter. He is my lowest defensive unit at 26 and has the least hit points at 579. In the very hard dungeon facing the boss, he will commonly lose about half his hit points. That's the most damage points he takes on any battle. In the forest, he does not take near that damage. On occasion, my Elf Commander may use his unblockable range attack, but for the most part it is not necessary. Very rarely does my Knight need to use his defense increase. On occasion, my Ranger may heal a unit, but only in desperate situations (which has not happened in a very long time). While I have been upgrading my Assassin, I always use his sleep skill on any secondary ranged unit on his first move. My guys hit hard and take limited damage. I like the Assassin a bit more now that I have been using him and upgraded his skills. He has a luck skill of 34 and attack of 38, but he still takes about 40-60 points of damage with a defense of only 26. I would like him more if he could deliver more than 80-137 points of damage on his basic attack. Generally with his attack bonus and enhancements he delivers about 200 points of damage on most units. He is no where near the hitter of my Knight or Dwarfal. My fastest kill of all enemy units is on the 2nd move. Most do not go beyond 3 - until AI gets block, block, hit, block, block (you get it). I have not used a 4 range units to attack because I have not had the need. AI cannot get by my 2 melee units. My Knight currently has 793 hp, Vexa 693 hp and Dwarfal 768 hp.

    I have over 2100 potions in inventory. Over 100 large stamina potions. Yes my gold coins is slighted by the stamina potion purchases - only at 2588 currently. I'm constantly in the very hard dungeon or spider cave (depending on which one I find first) looking for those rare items. All my units remain to have equipped Defender Stand (15) 115 hp and 5 defense. I have yet to find a rare item that matches the additional 5 defense points...which equates to 15% less damage. I believe defense is more critical than specific resistance defenses which is only a percentage of damage decrease. My idea is not to concentrate on blocking. Why block, even if hit, my units take very limited damage and deliver massive damage or kill multiple units in 1 sequence. Block is only calculated at a straight up block percentage - 10 points of block equals a 10% chance to block. Again, my strategy has always been why block when my units have lowest attack skill at 26 to highest at 38 (hit hard and quick) - defense lowest at 26 and highest at 36 (soak up limited damage that's quickly recovered).

  • LPD688 January 2014
    Best rare item current for each unit is:

    Assassin - Card Helmet (20) 10 luck, 10 mag resist, 7 melee resist, Great Blade (20) 10 attack, 14 melee attack, 5 luck, Hurting Cutter (19) 10 attack, 4 luck, 3 melee attack

    Elf Commander - Advanced Shooter (20) 10 attack, 4 luck, 6 hp leach, Leachers Arrow (20) 6 hp leach, 1 mana leach, 16 melee attack

    Firestarter - Great Staff (19) 10 Magic, 9 hp leach, 7 mana leach, Recuperation shoes (19) HP recovery 10 turn, mana recovery 9 turn, 11 max to mana

    Knight - Minorizing fingering (20) 16 magic resist, 5 melee resist, Resisting shoes (19) 10 hp turn, 7 mana turn, Stealer Gage (20) 10 hp leach, 1 luck, 3 mana leach

    Ranger - Rainbow cap (19) 10 luck, 7 range resist, 10 melee resist, Ranger Boots (18) 9 mana and hp turn, Leaching Gloves (20) 10 hp leach, 3 luck, 3 mana leach, Power Launcher (20) 10 attack, 17 melee attack, 7 luck, Bleeding flyer (20) 20 melee attack, 1 mana and 4 hp leach

    Vexa - Nonforgiving Knife (20) 10 attack, 2 luck, 8 melee attack, Minorizing fingering (18) 14 magic resist, 5 melee resist

    Dwarfal - Lowering fingering (19) 15 melee resist, 13 range resist, 11 max mana (waste), Recovering boots (18) 9 hp turn, 31 max hp, Hurting Woodcutter (19) 10 attack, 17 melee attack and 2 hp leach

    And many other high leveled items equipped.
  • Xyzzy January 2014
    Nice guys. Still saving up for units again. Very informative. Waiting to hit my 1st dungeon gunna be awhile. B-)