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  • LPD688 December 2013
    Ok question for you players out there. I'm not the top player out here, but just browsing other players units and I wonder why so many players at all levels are wasting skill points for the dwarfal. There are many players out that put skill points on magic. They also have items equipped for mana leach (which in a stretch I might understand) and mana recovery. Dwarfal uses no magic and there would be no need to equip those items or ramp up his non using magic skills. What gives?
  • Angel December 2013
    Apart from the fact that my Dwarfal has mana leach because of party skills and magic stats because of the choice between MP and Magic Stat choosing then it doesnt have anything that would increase mana/magic stats.

    ... Oh and aside from the items that are amazing and better than previous two stat item and happen to have a mana or mana leach stat. They dont need magic... Never do and anyone that has Dwarfal with mage gear isnt going to get that far.
  • Xyzzy December 2013
    How do you browse other peeps units
  • LPD688 December 2013
    Go online to dragon collector website...look up players via scoreboard on each server. For most part you can see most everything.
  • Xyzzy December 2013
    Gotta actually go online. TY. Been awhile since I was on website
  • delfonic January 2014
    Gotta say, pretty hilarious I've played this game for nearly 2 years and never knew about that. As small as the game is, I didn't know there was a website lmao. Cool to see what who has, and what server is more accomplished than another. Makes my accomplishments in server2 seem insignificant haha.
  • delfonic January 2014
    On the point of this post. If your given the choice of +mana or +magic for dwarfal. Which would you choose?
  • LPD688 January 2014
    Funny thing is that happened 3 times to me. Either way it bit and was a waste. Some players have double digits on magic and have leach items and mana increases on dwarfal. Either choice leads to no benefit.
  • cbreidenbach87 January 2014
    Plus magic is the obvious choice as it has at least SOME benefit, imparting some magic resistance. Although he shouldn't be hit by magic a lot, sometimes when fighting GO can get low enough that hE'll become the target of ranged.
  • delfonic January 2014
    Yeah, before the change to the AI, it would be of some benefit. Every point would mean 5% less 'bonus' damage from a magic unit. Now it doesn't matter whatsoever. Atleast for me, if for whatever reason one of my melee units is hit by magic, it isn't my dwarfal. While I can't remember what the other potential stat was when leveling my dwarfal, its only been about 3 times I'm guessing since his magic is at 4.
  • Xyzzy January 2014
    Either way it sucks. I would choose magic. That nonsense happens with my fighter. First 3 lvls. I ended up restarting